20 Women You Should be Following on Twitter

by Melissa

According to Twitter Grader,  I’ve been tweeting since 2008-07-31 14:06:16 (2 years, 7 months, 9 days). Time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve made many fabulous connections since that first tweet and I thought it was time to share. So here is my first (but not my last) list of women you should be following on Twitter. These are ladies I personally follow and engage  with (in no particular order).

20 women to follow for business, entrepreneurship, inspiration, conversation and beyond!

Kaira Rouda
@KairaRouda Kaira is the award winning author of Real You Incorporated. She is an entrepreneur, mom of four, and one of Forbes’ 30 women to follow on Twitter.

Sarah Robinson
@SarahRobinson Sarah is a seasoned coach and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs, parents, authors and others blast through the grip of mediocrity. Wife, mother, teacher, speaker, seeker of knowledge and agent of change.

Tory Johnson
@toryjohnson Tory is the CEO of Women For Hire, founder of Spark & Hustle and Good Morning America Workplace Contributor. She is a speaker, author and all around amazing woman!

Britt Michaelian
@MamaBritt Britt is the creator of the Work Smart Mompreneurs blog and network. She is a mom, writer, artist, speaker and serial entrepreneur. Britt is driven to inspire other moms to actively live their life purpose.

Wendi Moore

@WendiMooreAgncy Wendi’s company, the Wendi Moore Agency, specializes in building an audience through social media.  Wendi tweets tips to help you build your audience and online presence using social media.

Carla Young
@CarlaYoung Carla is the founder and publisher of MOMeoMagazine.com and EntrepreneurialMoms.com. She is a mompreneur and work at home mom.

Nika Stewart
@NikaStewart Nika is a lifestyle entrepreneur. She loves creating exciting information products and coaching motivated clients to achieve positive, life-altering results. Serial entrepreneur. Coffee addict. Eternally optimistic.

Holly Hanna
@Holly_Hanna Holly is the creator of The Work at Home Woman, an award winning blog & business resource for women & moms who work at home. She is a  work at home mom, blogger & entrepreneur.

Rebel Brown

@rebelbrown Rebel is a consultant, speaker, and author of the best selling business book, Defy Gravity. She is a spiritual seeker and nature loving gal. Her friends call her the Energizer Bunny. Follow her and find out why!

Elisa All

@elisatalk Elisa is a new-media entrepreneur and executive who co-founded iParenting Media, acquired by the Walt Disney Company. Mother of three and her next venture is launching soon so stay tuned!

Carrie Wilkerson
@barefoot_exec Carrie is known as The Barefoot Executive. She is a consultant/strategist for work at home professionals. Working full time from home for over 10 years, she aims to educate, empower, encourage & entertain men & women pursuing biz goals with integrity & passion!

Dabney Porte

@divacoachdabney Dabney is changing the world one DIVA at a time by helping women claim their magnificence & power. She is a Social Media DIVA & Host of #SMmanners on Twitter.

Monica Vila

@TheOnlineMom Monica is Founder and Chief Technology Mom at TheOnlineMom.com. She is passionate about creating tech savvy communities – empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology.

Alycia Edgar
@alyciaedgar Alicia is the creator of the Bookzkeeper Accounting Survival Kit for Small Business. She is an accountant and former surf shop owner, COO, mentor and Mum.

Erica Diamond
@WomenOnTheFence Erica Diamond is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker, weekly radio show correspondent, and mentor. Erica was recently named to the  list of The Top 20 Women in Canada 2010.

Amilya Antonetti
@amilya Award Winning Entrepreneur,Green Pioneer Bestselling Author, Media Personality, Advocate and Mom

Delores Williams

@delwilliams Media Mogul Wannabe, book publisher, TV and Radio station owner. Host of Portrait of a Business.

Kariann Graf

@KarriannGraf Karriann is a Social Media Manager and Strategist for small businesses and real estate professionals. Her focus is to help you learn about the best Social Media methods to connect with your clients and customers and increase your revenue.

Natalie MacNeil

@nataliemacneil Natalie is the founder of She Takes on the World recognized by Forbes as one of Ten Best Career Sites for Women and by ForbesWoman as one of the Top 100 Websites for Women. She is the Co-founder of http://imaginari.us/ and a blogger for Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Kelly O’Neil
@KellyONeil Kelly is the CEO of Kelly O’Neil International, Inc. She is an award winning speaker, author and marketing to the affluent expert. Kelly is passionate about helping entrepreneurs think big and play bigger.



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37 Replies to “20 Women You Should be Following on Twitter”

  1. Tracy Zeorian

    No one on this list represents women in agriculture. That’s too bad!

    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      Hey Tracy! Thanks so much for taking time to comment. We have several lists we do each year and I’d LOVE to get your suggestions for our next list. Please add to the comments or send via the Contact Us tab. Looking forward to connecting!

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  3. Cathy TIbbles

    Thank you so much!! I’m going through your list growing my Twitter Circle with Awesome WOMEN!!

  4. Adrienne

    Great list of amazing women! I personally would add Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady to this list. As a small business owner I find her so interesting and informative…love to follow her tweets and read her blog

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  7. Jacqueline

    I know four of these fabulous women. Thank you for introducing me to the rest!

  8. Tye of HMM


    Thanks so much for this article and these excellent female resources. Your story and work ethic is truly inspiring. We recently launched http://www.hipmodernmotivated.com a online community dedicated to telling the stories of and connecting female entrepreneurs in New York City. Some of these woman definitely fit into our goal. I look forward to learning more from you.

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  10. Christa Jean

    I love all these women and you too!

  11. Social Scarlet

    FYI The link to @rebelbrown is broken!

    1. admin[ Post Author ]

      Thanks for checking out the list & letting me know about the broken link! Don’t want anyone missing out on following Rebel!!

  12. Social Scarlet

    Thanks for this great list. I follow most already but will follow the others now.

  13. Wendy Mihm

    Congrats to “Mama Britt” and to all the wonderful and inspiring women on this list!

  14. Ana Lydia Monaco

    Thank you for this great list of women…BUT, where are the women of color??

    Ana Lydia Monaco
    Founder padma media and marketing, Inc
    Founder Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Group

    1. admin[ Post Author ]

      Hi Ana! So glad you found the list! There are so many fabulous women I’ve met that it was hard to pick 20 but I had to start somewhere and I hope you saw @delwilliams on the list. We’re hard at work on our next list and the connections are GROWing! Thanks for the suggestions & so great to meet you!

  15. The Echelon Life

    Thanks for the list, as a branding professional, I actually find great advice and strategic thinking on twitter everyday. #TheEchelonLife

  16. Elisa All

    Dear Melissa,

    I want to thank you again for including me on your list of women to follow. I’m so grateful to you for thinking of me, and am humbled to be in such illustrious company. The fact that I respect and admire you so very much just makes it that much more of an honor.

    Thanks for all you do to support and promote women entrepreneurs. You are appreciated!

    xoxo Elisa

  17. Jan Hefferin

    This is an incredible list of fabulous women!

    I am pleased to say I was already following the majority of them and I thank you, Melissa, for introducing me to the others.

  18. Erica Diamond

    Melissa, I am so honored to be on this list, in the company of such bright and dynamic women. Coming from you, this is the highest honor. Thank you for thinking of me.
    Erica 🙂

  19. Autherine@BoysRising

    Love this list! I am now following all of these lovely, inspirational women.

  20. Tom Keefe

    This is a great list that I will pass on to my wife. Thanks for providing it, and tweeting about it.

  21. Margo

    Hi, Thanks for the twitter suggestions! I follow some of these ladies, but there are several I am just now learning about 🙂

  22. Nika Stewart

    Everything you do is elegant and inspiring, Melissa! Yes, this is quite an amazing list of superwomen, and I am beyond honored that you have listed me with them.

    Thank you for all you give to female entrepreneurship!

  23. Joy Crile

    Fabulous list of fabulous women!

  24. Holly Hanna

    Thank you Melissa for including me on this list – truly honored to be mentioned alongside such a fabulous group of women, including yourself!

    So happy we’ve connected!

  25. Carolyn Parrs

    Thanks for this list. How about doing a green version? If it’s women in green and sustainability, it’s @WomenOfGreen.

  26. Kaira Rouda

    I love this list – and I love your new site! You are a ray of sunshine in my world and I’m honored to be included along with these amazing women.

    Keep it up! You are the Real You!!

    Thanks Melissa! Thanks She Owns It!

    1. admin[ Post Author ]


  27. Lori Moreno

    This is an Awesome Group of Amazing Women!

    1. admin[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Lori!

  28. Sheena Edwards

    Thank you for this great list! I am already following many of these women but look forward to following the rest of them. @Lizzieloushoes

  29. Nancy Collamer

    What a fabulous list of women to follow. I am already following a number of them, but so appreciate the heads-up on the others. Love seeing women helping women in action!

  30. Holly - The Work at Home Woman

    Thank you Melissa! I’m honored to be on this list with so many fabulous ladies!

    A couple more who I enjoy following… @HeathALL from The Mogul Mom and @LivingMyMoMent Abbey Fatica from Living My MoMent.

  31. Dabney Porte

    Dear fabulous Melissa,

    I am beyond thankful for you. You have touched my soul often and again today, by including me in a post that is comprised of such brilliant women! I am inspired daily by each woman you mentioned and thank each of them for all they add to my world.

    It is truly an honor to be surrounded by so any women walking in their magnificence…and YOU are at the top of my list!

    I simply love who you are and what you are doing. I sit back in awe as I watch you soar, and wish you continued success!


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