You have 30 seconds to make a good impression. by @ENAMOURclothing

You have 30 seconds to make a good impression.

by June Cruz | Featured Contributor

So often when building our brands, unless we are the service provider ,we forget that we are our brands, so even the smallest of things, like your avatar image on social media, are important.

When thinking of your social media headshot or bio image here are ->

4 key things to keep in mind:

1. Steer Clear of the Car Selfie:

Is that a seatbelt strap in your selfie? Or a headrest? Although car selfies are great for Instagram and letting your audience have a glimpse into your life, when thinking of your brand there are two key aspects you should keep in mind in regards to your headshot background.

– White or Neutral: choosing a neutral colored or white background gives your headshot versatility to be used across all social media accounts and for PR purposes. It also keeps the focus on you as opposed to distracting background objects that could leave your audience asking questions that don’t pertain to the services you provide or purpose of your business.

– Related to your brand: If you must have a background it should relate to what you do. If you run a catering company it would make sense to see something food related in your background, if you provide personal training it would make sense to see activity or you in an active environment as your background. Although this is common sense, I have seen so many people make the mistake of having an unrelated background in their headshot.

2. Keep It Classic:

In fashion it’s always better to know the trends and what is coming to stay up to date, but when it comes to your headshot the opposite is true. Picking classic staple pieces from your wardrobe, or a recognizable uniform in your field will do more good than making too big of a statement with your clothing. It is better to make your statement with your accessories, pick a great necklace or pair of earrings to make your look standout. Headshots are usually updated when your hairstyle or haircut changes, you have had a significant change to your face (weight loss, new eyeglasses or lack of etc.), or you rebrand your company . For most of us this isn’t too often, so keeping your wardrobe more classic allows your headshot to stay up to date, until you are ready to shoot your next one.

3. Be Yourself:

Have you ever seen a headshot of a keynote speaker or someone you may be meeting, and you arrive and aren’t sure who they are because they look nothing like their image? Photoshop is great and definitely helps with unplanned blemishes and even fly away hair, but don’t go wild and look to creative an image so “perfect” it doesn’t reflect who you are in real life. Your headshot should be a professional glimpse at who your customer or clients will meet in person.

4. Angles Matter:

We all know we have them and its okay to use them. If you know your best angles be sure to use them in your headshot. If you haven’t experimented with your best angles, definitely take some practice shots of yourself and find them out.  It helps to have a photographer or even a friend take your photo. Selfies and pictures with obscure angles don’t seem as professional as a shot that is centered and focused. Also having another person photograph you gives you the space to try different angles and poses for your shot.

With these 4 things in mind your next headshot should be an easy photo shoot experience and an excellent representation of your brand.


June CruzJune Cruz is a mom to an active toddler and the Founder and designer of ENAMOUR. ENAMOUR is a women’s clothing line featuring designs for the transitions of a day, creating beautifully comfortable clothing for women to feel confident at work or home.

When June isn’t in the design studio she enjoys family outings to local Cape Cod events and beaches as well as long road trips to warm destinations. She is a music and movie lover and finds inspiration in both. After becoming a mom, fitness and healthy living has become more of a focus in June’s life, so smoothies, sugar/cream-free coffee and running goals are all a part of her weekly routines.

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