4 Secrets to a Million Dollar Author Website

4 Secrets to a Million Dollar Author Website

by Monika Beck | Featured Contributor

Are you an author who wants more readers?

Your website could be your best asset to get more people to read your books. Unfortunately, most author websites are epic failures.

If you are waiting for a publisher to sell your books, you are in for a huge disappointment.

No publisher can do as much for your writing career as your website.”

If you want to take your writing career to the next level your author website must have the following:


Your website must have a solid “Author” page. You must tell an amazing story about you and your writing. Your “Author” page must communicate what makes you and your writing different. This is your chance to differentiate yourself from other authors.

Make “commenting” available on this page. It is important to give your readers an opportunity to interact with you and each other.


You are a writer, so blogging should be easy for you. In addition to your books, it is important to publish new blog posts frequently on your website.

If you want to build a real following, people will want more than your books. Share your thoughts on topics relevant to your writings.

Share what is important to you. Post at least once a week. Make sharing easy on your blog, to build virality.


You must aggressively build your email subscriber list. Email is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools. Take advantage of it.

Give people a great incentive to subscribe to your email list. Give them something others can’t get. For example, you could write an article each month that is only made available to those who are on your email list. Share exclusive content only with your email subscribers.


I saved the most important for last. Promotion is the key requirement for a million dollar author website. Your attitude toward promotion is what will determine if your website will be a huge success or not.

There are many ways to promote your author website:

  • You should promote your website long before you have completed your book. You could start promoting your website a year or two before your book is finished.
  • Reach out to bloggers and podcasters and ask to be interviewed. There are tens of thousands of bloggers and podcasters who are constantly looking for new content to publish.
  • Network with influencers. (My favorite networking tool is Twitter.) As an author, you must know your audience. Who are the influencers of your readers? Make a list of 100 websites and blogs. Reach out to the people behind those websites.
  • Connect with authors. Make a real connection with authors. Share each other’s work. Don’t be afraid of the competition.
  • Become a guest blogger on related blogs. Take every opportunity to write for relevant websites.
  • Create videos or your own audio podcast. This is a great way to get in front of a new group of people.
  • Become active on related online forums and facebook groups.


Savvy web designer with a twist – Monika Beck with Webene – San Diego, CA.

Monika-Beck-AuthorMonika Beck is passionate about website design, web programming, ecommerce, and building businesses. She is a serial entrepreneur and the cofounder of Success Harbor a website dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed. Success Harbor interviews successful entrepreneurs and publishes topics relevant to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Monika started Success Harbor with her cofounder in order to ease the life of entrepreneurs through original research, tips and unique content. Monika is also cofounder of Webene, a website design and online marketing firm based in San Diego, CA. Webene specializes in mobile-friendly responsive websites built on the WordPress platform. Monika loves playing classical music on the piano.

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