Mommy Perks Q&A Week: How do you remain positive when it seems like success will NEVER happen?

“Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce.”  ~Vivian Komori

by Shara Lawrence-Weiss, Mommy Perks

When getting ready to write this guest post, I called on my Facebook readers to ask a few questions: What do they want to know? What article topic would they find most helpful? This week we will answer the questions Mommy Perks readers asked.

Question: How do you remain positive when it seems like success will NEVER happen?

Answer: We all have downer days. This is completely normal. Some folks spend millions of dollars to get going and they see results pretty quickly. Others do their own marketing (like me) and results come more slowly, over time. I allow myself to have downer moments now and again: to cry a bit, to feel angry or stressed out, etc. However, I bounce back quickly and I never let a bad day keep me down. Once I get back up I go over, in my mind, the pros of owning my own business. I remind myself why I started a business (my books) in the first place and why I took over Mommy Perks. I own two businesses now and both of them offer me a creative outlet. I tell myself, “You do this because you love it and even the bad days teach you something good!” I learn from everything – good and bad. I love to learn so when I focus on the learning curve of running my own businesses, it’s not hard to move back into a positive place. I get back up, ready to fight!

Question: Can you offer some helpful resources for business planning, marketing, accounting and time management?


For business planning:

Marketing: (10 business blogs to learn from)

Articles for work at home women:

Female Entrepreneur sites: and and


Time Management: and

Paperwork tips:


Shara Lawrence-Weiss is the owner of 12 websites (shared with her husband) including Mommy Perks (, Kids Perks (, Early Childhood News and Resources ( and Reliable Bloggers ( She has a background in education, early childhood, nanny work, special needs, freelance and marketing. Shara has three children … soon to be four. You can find her on twitter under @MommyPerks

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