woman walking on beach who is "whole enough"

Whole Enough

by Melissa Stewart

Don’t you love it when you hear something that triggers a “light bulb” or “aha” moment? I do! This weekend, while on a beach trip to ring in the new year, I had one of those moments. I was walking the beach and picking up shells. I picked up an almost perfect shell. As I held it up, I realized it had one tiny chip in the side and proclaimed “aw, it’s not whole” to which my companion responded “it’s whole enough” (with a grin) as he plucked it from my hands and added it to our collection.

Well hello! There I was making a big deal out of an itty bitty, possible flaw and he didn’t even notice!

So often we are over critical of ourselves or others. We nitpick every little flaw, weakness or supposed imperfection and don’t realize that we’re “whole enough” or perfect enough, or ready enough. I know I’m guilty of this and I know that “it’s whole enough” kept replaying in my head all weekend.

So here’s the challenge. This year, resolve to let go of perfection. Stop seeking permission and approval. Stop comparing yourself to others. This year, start with wholeness and realize that you are WHOLE ENOUGH.



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3 Replies to “Whole Enough”

  1. Darlene Cary

    So true! We women especially tend to “perfectionize” so much in our businesses. A classic procrastination technique. Thanks for the reminder, Melissa!

  2. Michelle Sedas

    Fabulous!!! I love this! 🙂

    1. admin[ Post Author ]

      Thanks for stopping by Michelle! That was just one of those little posts that begged to be written 🙂

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