4 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients by @writerjohnston

4 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients

by Elizabeth Johnston

You’re all set with your business. You’ve got your training, certification and practice under your belt. Your website is up and running. You know what you offer and how it can help clients. You are open for business, but now it seems as though you’re not attracting the type of client you had hoped for. Sound familiar?

Attracting your ideal clients is one of the many challenges for entrepreneurs, but all it takes to fix is tweaking your marketing content.

Here are four steps you can take to transform your business messaging.

1. Get clear on who your ideal client (avatar) is. You can do this by writing out a full-length profile of your avatar. Ask yourself questions such as what their life is like, their marital status, do they have kids, are they in a job they like, are they adventurous or solitary, etc. Keep going until you have a comprehensive picture of your ideal client or customer.

2. Update your website content. Now that you are super clear on who your ideal client is, revise your online text to reflect that. Make sure you are speaking to your avatar in all of your marketing content. It’s often really difficult to remember what life was like before you had the expertise you have now, so take some time to think back to what it was like not to have the knowledge you have now. Who were you before you got so savvy? Build in some of that experience into the copy on your website so that your ideal client can recognize themselves when they come to your website.

3. Put pictures to those words. Look at the images on your website. They should be a reflection of who you see your avatar as. Choose pictures that show them having the success they yearn for instead of images that show them at their lowest point. When your avatar looks at the images on your site, they should be seeing who they want to be and who they can be with your help. (Tip: Two great places to source royalty-free stock photos are foter.com and unsplash.com.)

4. Make sure your ‘about’ page is really about you. Is it full of your credentials, awards and education? All of that is good and necessary, but it shouldn’t replace your personal story. You want people to get to know you and what makes you stand out amongst all the others. You do that by getting real with your potential clients. Take a risk and let yourself reveal some of your struggles and how you conquered them to become the expert you are now. When you share your story in this way, it makes you real, likeable and, most of all, accessible. So, make sure the face you’re presenting through your content is designed to make a connection instead of just listing facts about you and what you do.

Once you go through these four steps, you’ll eliminate the disconnect between what you do and how you present that to the world. Are you ready to attract the clients you were meant to serve?


Elizabeth Johnston is an author, professor and podcaster who helps entrepreneurs tell their story with authenticity and creativity. Elizabeth’s work can be found in many online and print publications including The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Yellow Pages Online, The Globe and Mail, and others. Her book, No Small Potatoes, was written with the support of a Canada Council for the Arts writing grant, and her video, Keepsake, was shortlisted in film festival competitions. You can connect with Elizabeth at www.elizabeth-johnston.com.

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  2. Fred Graham

    WOW! It’s so simple and clear and I wonder why I didn’t/couldn’t figure it out myself! This is GOLD!

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