Attracting More People To Your Property’s Sale Page

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Selling your home? Although you can sell your home through word of mouth, it is also wise to set up a sales page online. That way, you can gain more interest. That’s not to say getting views and interested buyers is easy. You need to know some advice for making your property stand out online.

Using this guide, you can find out how to attract more people to your property’s sale page.

Edit the photos professionally

If your photos are dark and dingy, it isn’t going to help with attracting buyers. You need to edit your photos as this will help them look professional standard. You can check out Phixer for your real estate photo editing. Then, you can enjoy simplified editing and make your property’s photos stand out, helping it sell quickly and get more attention.

Professional photography

The better the photos, the more shares and views your listing will receive on major real estate websites. This leads to a shorter sales cycle, saving you potentially months of carrying costs and mortgage payments. Homes that include high-quality photos sell 32% faster. Homes with high-quality photos are often purchased quicker, selling at an average of 32% faster than homes without professional-looking photos.

Detailed descriptions

Pen a detailed and appealing description that highlights the unique features and selling points of your home. Include information such as the layout of the house, its architectural features, any recent renovations or upgrades, any special amenities associated with the house (such as a backyard oasis, a steam shower, a gourmet kitchen), and anything else you think might influence a buyer’s decision to purchase your home. Use descriptive language to help the reader start imagining what it would be like to live there.

Highlighting key selling points

Make sure that you bake the key selling points of your property into your description in short, punchy sentences on the first third of your sales page so that it looks good and never gets missed, no matter whether people just scan the page or read the whole thing. It might be that it’s the large master suite you did up to enjoy all by yourselves, the low-maintenance yard and energy-efficient appliances you put in to avoid gardening and save money on power bills, or the proximity to the fabulous new schools, the acres of parks, or the plethora of cafes and public transport options; just make sure you get these selling points standing out like initial caps, bullet points, or one-liners in bold text.

Optimize for search engines

Optimize your sales page for search engines. Use important keywords throughout your ad or website. For example, try using “charming cottage in X neighborhood” or “modern condo with city views.” Also, try targeting keywords with the type of search that people in your area will be using to find more of what they want.

Enticing headlines

Create an enticing headline and introduction that will make the potential lessee want to see more! Use intriguing language that piques the reader’s interest and sharply shows them what is so great about your property. Also, you might consider writing a brief conclusion at the end and adding a small call to action: call, e-mail, or send a smoke signal to schedule a showing or ask any additional questions.

Don’t forget to show off outdoor spaces, too

This may include a patio or deck area, balcony, swimming pool, or landscaped backyard. Many homebuyers are looking for outdoor living spaces, so be sure to include pictures showing the potential for entertaining or relaxation.

Let people know about your neighborhood amenities

Share details about anything around you, including parks and schools, local shopping, bars, and transportation. This might help give potential buyers a good picture of what it’s like to live there and what they should expect.

Design for multifunctional page

Having a multifunctional page will guarantee an increase in viewings for your property. In the modern world of technology, future homeowners will use handheld devices to hunt. This shows that it is essential to make sure that your sales page looks good on smartphones and tablets. A responsive design is key. Your page reformats itself according to whatever gadget it’s being viewed on, which is the heart of a good web page.

For fonts and buttons, remember that small screens are a big problem. Small fonts are hard to read; big fingers will struggle to hit small buttons. Be a friend and make those fingers happy. Keep fingers and thumbs away from the zoom button by ensuring that your sale page works as well on the smallest screen as it does on the big one.

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