Author: Angela Solomon

Angela G. Solomon, Real Estate Rockstar and Founder of Women Real Estate Investors Angela is an attorney at law and entrepreneur at heart. She purchased her first investment property sixteen years ago as a way to generate an additional stream of income after leaving the law firm to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Since then, Angela has wholesaled properties to other investors, listed properties for sale, managed properties as a landlord, and fixed and flipped properties for chunky profits. She loves turning busted houses into beautiful homes for happy homebuyers. Today, Angela is passionate about helping women learn how to get started investing in real estate so they can create the income they need for the lifestyle they want. When she’s not negotiating real estate deals, Angela enjoys reading fiction novels, watching rom-com movies, and traveling the globe with her family. Originally from Detroit, Angela currently lives in the metropolitan Washington, DC area with her husband and three sons.

Mid-Life Money Matters: 5 Reasons You Should Invest In Real Estate Now

by Angela G. Solomon People make a huge to-do about turning 40. The countdown to the “Big 4-0” begins with much anticipation. They have parties to celebrate being “Forty and Fabulous”. They toast with loved ones and close friends, pledging to live the next forty years to the fullest. Forty was definitely a milestone birthday for […]

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