Are You a Bad Date? How Dating Can Help Your Improve Your Website by @lynnwhite

Dating Improve Siteby Lynn White

On a date, especially the first one, it’s about getting to know likes, dislikes, backgrounds, goals, and aspirations. Do you get to all of that in one date? Most likely not unless you are firing off questions as if you are in an interrogation session, but you can gain some insight.

Neither of you, hopefully, are monopolizing the conversation and discussing only yourself, never allowing the other a moment to speak. The time together should be an exchange between the two of you to determine if you are a good fit for one another and if you should move on to a second date.

Most future clients and colleagues are first introduced to you and your brand via your website and let’s face it, the first date determines if there is a second date, third date, and ultimately lead to a relationship.

Your website is no different. How the first, second, and third date (your sales funnel) go determines if there is a relationship (long term hiring relationship).

When dating, would you prefer:

An exchange between the two of you where you both have an opportunity to speak about yourself and by the end of the date, you both leave knowing a few things about one another. Your time together has yielded enough information to decide if you want to move forward to another date.

The person you are with spends the next hour talking about themselves and you never have the chance to say anything; you get in a nod from time to time. Your time together has also yielded enough information to decide you don’t want to move forward. In fact, you never want to see this person again and there is no further contact.

You prefer the first option, right?

When prospects arrive at your website, they want to interact and engage with you. In many instances, your website is the first introduction someone has to you and your brand; their first date with you should be E.A.S.Y.

E: Explain in clear terms what services and products you offer. While on your website, it should be very clear what you do. At no time while on your website should the question, “exactly what does this person do?” come to mind. Leaving your website visitors to figure out what you do is a quick way to ensure you don’t have a second date.

A: Approach explaining your services and products from a benefits point of view. What are the benefits your clients receive in working with your or from purchasing your products? If you are a business coach who helps your clients get past their fear, what happens in your clients life as a result of working past that fear is a question your website should answer. Discussing and painting a picture of how life will be once they move past their fear is more exciting for them to read. While you are talking about what you can do, it is written in a way in which the focus is on them and not you.

S: Set their minds at ease and give them a change to get to know you. Having a well thought out sales funnel will allow you to determine the flow of your website to help your potential clients enter your sales funnel. Having more than one way to enter your sales funnel will give them an opportunity to get to know you better, have a sample of what you have to offer and ultimately build a long lasting client relationship.

Y: Yes is your website visitors response once they realize you will be able to help them solve their problems and get the results they desire to have. It’s a win-win. Your new client is receiving the help they needed and you have just landed a new client.

When you read your website, does it H.E.L.P your website visitors? Are you a resource for them? Do they know you are able to provide a solution to their problems and struggles?

If your website isn’t an engaging, two way conversation, it’s difficult to move on to a second date and ultimately a relationship.

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Lynn WhiteLynn White, a Web Designer for female entrepreneurs at Tech Gone Glam, has made it her mission to empower female entrepreneurs to kick fear in the butt and shine online by being true to themselves and their brand.

She also works with women to partner the tech and marketing sides of their business to increase their visibility, save time, and get more clients. She has worked with female entrepreneurs and business owners in various professions and industries; virtual assistants, business coaches, wedding professionals, copywriters, and non-profits. Her clients have described her as a cool chick who lights fires under them, fuels their growth, and gives them confidence in themselves and their business to shine online.

Her goal is to make sure that every female business owner is proud of her website and is not at the mercy of someone else when it comes to the tech side of her business.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Focusing on benefits is huge Lynn! Just like dating, you’re apt to stress your strong points, and to be positive, to make the strongest impression. Same deal with your website. Thanks for sharing Lynn!

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