What I Learned About Creating Strong Passwords From @FSecure

worse passwords

by Melissa Stewart

This is a a sponsored post. I am a brand ambassador for F-Secure, that said, all opinions are 100% my own.

I have learned so much from F-Secure. After testing the app and watching their webinar (see below), I’ve been enlightened and want you to be enlightened too!

Here are a few pointers to help you stay secure online:

  • You should create a new email address for online accounts and DO NOT share with ANYONE!  Use it only for login. S
  • Avoid using the common passwords. See the image above for the most common (BAD) passwords. Don’t use!!
  • Use unique passwords. Make it strong
  • Use 8 or more characters
  • Use a password generator to take the pressure off.

Got a few minutes to get schooled? Watch the F-Secure webinar below.



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  1. Nathan Ambrose

    Wow Melissa!

    Some people are so stupid with their passwords. This is always relevant advice.

    Sharing through Triberr.


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