How This 4-letter Word Can Help You by @toninelsonbiz

by Toni Nelson

BUSINESS WOMAN_with constructionAttaining the goals you have takes this four-letter word:  WORK

There is no magic bullet.  There’s no way around it.  You have to WORK to accomplish what you want.

Let’s break down this four-letter word to see how it can help you.

W – Is for weathering.  You need to weather the storms that come your way.  There are going to be challenges you will face to get from point A to point B It’s only by weathering those storms (challenges) that you will succeed.  As you weather those challenges you will find that you become stronger and more resilient.   These challenges will help you to see the areas you need to focus on more.  Use the challenges you face to your advantage.

O – Is for opportunity.  You need to seize every opportunity you can to attain your goals.  Yes, that means you need to be networking.  Notice how even that word has
“work” in it.  You need to get in front of as many people as possible.  Your number one opportunity to do that locally is to get out and network.  You also need to be networking online.  Be sure you are taking the opportunity to make connections on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. If you feel you don’t have the networking skills necessary then this course on The Art of Networking may be just what you are looking for.

R – Is for realistic.  You need to realistically look at your goals.  Last year I was in a private Facebook group where everyone was asked what they wanted to be making by the end of the year.   There were a lot of people that put down the goal of one million dollars.  Was that realistic?  These were people by the way were just starting out in a new venture.  By writing that unrealistic goal they could be setting themselves up for failure because it takes work, time and effort to build a business. Set realistic attained goals for yourself and then celebrate each and everyone of them.

K – Is for Keep.  You have to keep moving forward.  Keep taking action.  You will never accomplish your goals if you don’t keep trying.  You also need to keep being persistent.

I read once that Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times before he attained his goal.  Do you think he kept being persistent?

Don’t let the struggles and setbacks you may experience keep you from attaining your goal or your dream.

Work everyday at reaching your goals.  If you do it will pay off.

What challenges do you need to work on in your business?

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Be Savvy and Successful!


Toni NelsonToni Nelson Visibility Strategist, Award winning Videographer and Photographer, Creator or The MINE System of Learning, Author of Sexy, Savvy And Successful – A Woman’s Guide On How To Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom and Buy More Shoes!

For over 28 years Toni Nelson has owned and operated several successful businesses. Since that time she has helped many others achieve their goal of starting and running their own successful business. Seeking to empower woman she wrote her book: Sexy, Savvy & Successful – A Woman’s Guide on How to Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom & Buy More Shoes!

Toni is the Founder of The MINE System of learning where she teaches businesses to gain online visibility, stand out from the competition and attract more clients through her video courses. In each of these courses you are virtually lead by the hand to learn and implement the strategies contained therein. Toni’s achievements include: Award winning videographer and photographer, a columnist for a wedding magazine, weddings published in such places as DIY Bride. Toni will Motivate, Inspire, Nurture and Empower you. That’s The MINE System!

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2 Replies to “How This 4-letter Word Can Help You by @toninelsonbiz”

  1. Toni Nelson

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I believe in giving information in bite size amounts. It’s so much easier to act upon:)

  2. Smart Dummy

    Brilliant post! I especially like R for realistic and K for keep. I think it’s OK to have grand goals – if you can break them down into bite sized chunks that show you a clear path to getting there. Sometimes, breaking your goal down into smaller objectives can actually give you a more realistic outlook too.
    Persistence is the key to getting anywhere in life. If you can’t keep moving forward then you WILL stay still in life. Or worse – you might go backwards!
    Thanks for a great inspirational post!

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