Is your business suffering from an identity crisis?

Is Your Business Suffering From An Identity Crisis? by @womensbusinessa

Is Your Business Suffering From An Identity Crisis?

by Jane Willmott

Business identity it’s a crucial part of a businesses success and believe it or not it’s even crucial to the success of coaches and anyone who is exchanging their expertise/services for money. Yet it’s this part that so many either forget about or get totally wrong!

The look of the images you use, your website, your branding etc, all of that stuff is what your ideal clients are going to see first, it’s going to be the first thing they see so it stands to reason it needs to be right.

But often what you find happening is there’s a total disconnect, between the look and feel, the copy and the ideal clients, so what you end up with essentially is an identity crisis.

Now let’s get something clear branding is more than how something looks, it’s also how something feels, when you think of luxury handbags and their designers, it’s not just how the brand looks but it’s the feeling it gives off too.

You want your ideal clients to see something of yours, instantly know it’s your business, get pulled in, read the copy which pulls them in further, present the offer which pulls them in even further and finish it off with converting them into a sale.

Your images, your website, your branding and your copy all has to match, it has to give off the right feeling and look, you want your ideal client to get pulled in deeper, but if you’ve got a disconnect going on then that won’t happen.

Think of it this way, imagine you want to give off a calming kind of feel, perhaps you sell meditation packages, but your branding and look is in your face, loud, brash, that’s simply not going to cut it, it will not bring your ideal clients in, they’re not looking for loud, in your face and brash, what they’re looking for is peace and a calming experience!

The same happens if you’re trying to appeal to the luxury and high end side of the market, your branding, look, feel, website etc has to give off that luxury high end feel, those who want to buy high end and luxury aren’t going to be pulled in by the Primark look.

Know the feeling you want to give off

It’s important that you decide what kind of feeling you want to give off, how do you want people to feel when they see your images, visit your website etc? Do you want them to feel excited, calm, successful? Decide how you want people to feel when they see your business and brand.

Understand what your ideal clients want

Believe it or not your branding can help you sieve through your ideal clients and ones that are not. Just like anything else you don’t want your branding to talk to everyone, you want your look, your branding etc to talk and appeal to your ideal clients. So if your ideal clients want to live a luxurious designer lifestyle then that is the look and the feel that your business needs to give off, you want them to sit there see it and get pulled in by the fact that they desire that! Understand what it is that they want, if they’re not interested in a luxury lifestyle then showing them one won’t appeal to them.

Be consistent

Like with anything you have to be consistent with your identity if you want it to pay off, there’s little point in putting one look out there today a different one tomorrow and another next week, you have to be consistent with it, you want people to scroll through see your stuff and go oh yea I know who that is. To see success from having a knock out business brand and identity you have to be consistent with it, don’t jump ship and be all over the place with different looks and feels, be consistent and stay within your branding!


Jane WillmottJane Willmott  is a Freedom coach she works with entrepreneurs worldwide, mainly coaches, experts, trainers and online service providers like virtual assistants and accountants. Jane works with them to help them create knock out strategies and systems, enabling them to be the GO TO expert in their field, grow a raving following and ultimately have clients banging down their door to work with them so they can blaze their way to those amazing income goals that they have. Jane does this by taking her clients through her 90 day signature programme.

Recently Jane decided to life the lid on how her clients achieve and celebrate 10k days and has created a free guide dishing the dirt:

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