Make Your Social Media Great by @mwqpr

by Michelle W. Quinn | Featured Contributor

Make Your Social Media Great

Social media can be exhausting.

It involves pinpointing a target audience, followed by posting at relevant times with strategic creativity. The job is underestimated. It’s almost like a layered cake, where the separate hidden layers are what make it great…

Who knew posting pictures could have this much to it? What you thought may be an easy task ends up being mentally draining. Additionally, when you’re running a social media account for a particular business, the job is even more grueling.

How do you keep your business’ social media successful, as well as staying successful in your day-job? A social media audit can help by giving you direction. It helps eliminate what you’re doing wrong, and where your strengths are. It finds the information necessary for maintaining an effective social media platform, helping you to keep your sanity.

A clear, cohesive message across each social media platform is critical in attracting your target
audience. Your followers initially followed you because they have interest in your business’
message and style. Keep this apparent in each post. And through which platform are you
sending this message? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? For whatever content you’re posting, it should be catered around which platform you plan on using. A majority of Facebook users consist of the Baby Boomer generation. Instagram, however, is mostly occupied by Millennials and younger.

So, which platform you use should depend on your audience. What about the platforms that are newly trending? Snapchat and Tumblr being examples. These platforms allow you creatively demonstrate your content while reaching a wide array of audiences.

TRistoranteo understand how to maintain a successful social media profile, we’re giving ONE lucky She Own’s It reader a COMPLIMENTARY social media audit.

A social media audit will report and update suggestions for your own social media. It allows you to enjoy your social media strategy, knowing the outcome will be successful. Have your layered cake and eat it too!

Kickstart your social media audit today!




Michelle QuinnMichelle W. Quinn is the founder of MWQPR a Lifestyle Public Relations & Marketing Agency. A seasoned marketing, public relations and social media professional, she leads highly effective global marketing, communications, strategy and customer advocacy campaigns. She has experience across diverse industries, particularly Luxury, Retail, Technology, Travel, Hospitality, Financial Services and Consumer Goods in both corporate and consulting roles. Michelle has acquired a deep understanding of client profiles and needs from small business owners to the affluent global consumer.

Currently preparing to launch an online program for small business owners to embrace their social media and marketing strategy.  Michelle is fluent in Italian and currently studying French. A quick wit, New York sense of directness and superstar Auntie, Michelle also volunteers with Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, supporting their Race Across America Campaign.

Connect with Michelle: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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