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How Could A Mobile App Help Your Business?

mobile app

by Elaine Slatter

If you are a Starbucks lover you know the drill.  You can order your Starbucks coffee and treats via the mobile app and as you arrive at your local store, there is your order waiting for you, no muss, no fuss.

The Starbucks mobile app is booming. Starbucks Rewards has 13 million active members, a 16 percent increase from last year, Forbes reported. Mobile order and payment makes up 7 percent of total Starbucks orders in the United States, double its percentage this time last year.

But, wait a minute, you aren’t Starbucks, right.

The cost of developing a mobile app used to be huge.   Starting at $15,000 to over $100K, for a Starbucks type app. This is way out of the reach of most small businesses.

Times have changed, thanks to new technology.  Apps can now be custom built using a similar template technology that revolutionized website building.  A template-based mobile app is now much more affordable.   Somewhere in the range of $3K from app developers such as Like Us Communications.

Why Should You Think About A Mobile App

  1. Customer Loyalty.

Nothing helps customer loyalty more than creating processes that keep your customer thinking of you first

  1. Convenience.

Customers are pressed for time, always.  You just can’t get more time, therefore the alternative is to find ways to make the best use of your time.

  1. Mobile is King

We are attached to our mobile devices as never before. Nobody leaves home without their cell phone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are. So why not use a mobile app to deliver a customer experience, whatever that would be for your business.

What Could A Mobile App Do For Your Business?

If you are a yoga studio, you could use push notifications to tell your members when the next yoga class is starting 45 minutes prior.

If you are a meal prep/delivery service an app could send coupons, advise delivery, send meal suggestions.

If you are an event organizer an app could be applied in multiple ways to keep your event top of mind for the attendees, before, during and after the event. In addition, a mobile app can help attract and give value to sponsors, advertisers, and speakers.

If you are a restaurant a mobile app could offer many solutions for prospective customers, from reservations to meal ordering, take out services etc.

If you are a dress shop think about the possibilities. From flash sales, showcasing new products, ordering online, and sending messages to the store with just one tap.  It also could show customers the top-selling items, check the stock/size of an item they are thinking of purchasing.

In short, a mobile app can help you solve customer pain points in a fast and efficient way.  Artificial intelligence is the way of the future to deliver low-cost solutions for increasing customer engagement. It personalizes the customer experience while lowering the per cost transaction.

Still not sure of the applications?  Listen to our podcast with Tricia Belmonte and you might be surprised at how you could use a mobile app for your business.

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