Why Working With Your Family Is the Best by @aroonmelane

by Aroon Duncanson

We are all looking to work in a field and environment that makes us excited to get up in the morning. The words “follow your dream” and “do what you love” are constantly being thrown our way. But one of the main reasons people end up not loving their job, is because of the people who they are surrounded with. Whether it be a grumpy coworker or a needy boss, it can be hard to find a space where you are excited to see everyone in the office, every morning.

In this article, we share why working with your family can help you get on your way to living a happy and fulfilled work life.

With family comes a level of comfort and trust, that can be hard to gain with co-workers. Since this trust is already present with family, it can be easy to share your new ideas, no matter how crazy or far out their they may seem. Sometimes the most bizarre ideas can end up being the best. “We always have a brainstorming session, where we sit and think about what we are going to come up with for our next season. It’s basically just us saying our thoughts aloud and agreeing or disagreeing, in a productive way. We both never hold back our ideas, and it’s how we can create something together that we both love,” said Megan Duncanson, who owns a business with her daughter. Having the freedom to express yourself and share all of your quirky ideas not only makes working more fun, but it allows you to expand your way of thinking and come up with new ideas that could benefit your business.

The great thing about family is, it is unconditional love. So even if you do get in a quarrel here and there, you will almost always find a way to figure it out and get through the obstacle. Being able to have your support system and loved ones surrounding you at all times, even in work, can be one of the best feelings.


Aroon Duncanson is a Miami based marketing guru. She graduated in 2016, from the Nicholson School of Communication, with her BA in Advertising/Public Relations. From there she began exploring her talents and came to Miami as a full time model, working for brands such as Lila Nikole, SeaFolly, Tommy Bahamas, Spirit Jersey and more. After a year of modeling full time, Duncanson decided to switch back to her passion within PR and began freelancing as a publicist for Nisus Corp, a Tennessee based pest control company. This soon led to Duncanson working for The Kat Agency as their publicist and social media manager.

In January of 2018, Duncanson and her mother Megan Duncanson started their own vegan purse line, Livin’ the MAD Life. Where Aroon handles the marketing, pr, social media, web design, sales and branding. Both Aroon and Megan find passion within sustainability, veganism and female empowerment, which is why they implemented each of these things into Livin’ the MAD Life. They made sure the brand was vegan, with some sustainable products as well as designed with empowering symbols meant to add a deeper meaning into every purse.

Along with Livin’ the MAD Life, Aroon manages her mothers art business, MADART Studios, which entails marketing, branding, social media, sales and PR.

Aroon recently took on the role of Executive Editor, for a Miami based magazine, Bikini on Demand.

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