14 Benefits of Meditation In The Workplace


by Marianne Padjan

The practice of meditation in my world is one of the greatest elements towards living a life that is perfectly designed for you. The art of meditation has many universal similarities, yet each of us are unique in the practice and process of meditating. Meditation brings awareness.

We spend at least one-third of our lives at work and when we are not at work we often talk about it, complain about, attempt to get others the think about it, and yet it is the number one thing we try to avoid. The happier you are at work, the greater impact you will have in business.

Meditation is one active ingredient to navigating work in our lives. Here are 14 benefits to creating a regular mediation practice during “working hours” that will encourage you to start today.

  1. Reduce stress: It is no secret that having a peaceful mindset will shape the way you handle stress in your day.
  2. Increase your sense of well-being: Meditation brings you back to the self and an awareness of how you are presently.
  3. Increases your empathy and connectedness: Awareness of one’s self demands an awareness of others. When we are aware of others, we can become more connected and understanding.
  4. Improves focus: Removing outside distractions, even for a few moments allows for us to focus on important tasks, thereby not falling behind and feeling stressed out.
  5. Improves Relationships: Awareness generates communication, and communication improves relationships.
  6. Stimulates creativity: Meditation also generates clarity, and with a clear mind we can create more.
  7. Improves memory: Who doesn’t want to retain important information. Clear thinking, clear being produces clear remembering.
  8. Improves ability to make decisions: Mental clarity leads to better decision making, and making better decisions is imperative to better living and being, and a must for better leadership.
  9. Helps overcome addictions: Addictions start from wanting to escape. Escaping is bred (mostly) from mental build up. When we meditate and clear out the junk, we no longer desire to escape reality, in fact, we embrace and attack it.
  10. Improves cardiovascular health: Meditation, breathing. The better we breathe, the more oxygen we get, the more our hearts love us back.
  11. Enhances the immune system: Better functioning of our internal systems come when we feel better about ourselves. Feeling better pushed us to be and do better. Better breathing, better eating, more exercise, all which regulate our internal organs, which will fight off diseases better.
  12. Helps find your flow: Clarity is wonderful. It yields so much for us. When we are in our flow, we work better, our productivity goes up, we are happier, and we feel more satisfied in life, especially at work.
  13. Reduces pain: True, one huge side effect from meditation is that it reduces physical and emotional pain. When we are not focused on what is ailing us, those ailments can be attacked by our inside, rather than sending all our resources to the pain place our bodies will only send what is needed. This results in the body being able to continue to build up resources to we do not become depleted and force a reliance upon medications.
  14. Moves us towards enlightenment: No matter what your spiritual foundation is, each of us desire to be “in the know” of life. Simply broken down, that is what enlightenment is… knowing.

There you have it, 14 indispensable benefits of building a meditation practice at work. Remember that meditating has many forms. Finding the right path for you in your business will grant you the freedom to be at ease with the process, which is (or will become) your flow.




Marianne Padjan: I find people fascinating and am passionate about empowering and inspiring them. The learning part for me never ever ends as I have been taking courses and use a variety of couches for the past 30 plus years (yeah…I am a bit of a COURSE JUNKIE!). I am an Empowerment Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Leader, Ordained Minister, an international best selling Author, Guinness World Record Participant, Reiki Master, Meditation Specialist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, HR Specialist, and a Real Estate Agent! Eclectic and versatile.






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