15 Characteristics Of Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs


by Monika Beck

Women can be extraordinary. There are several anecdotal statements surrounding the power women hold in the world. In today’s society, women can do everything, and are often found in positions of authority. Female entrepreneurs do everything from starting businesses as web designers to buying publishing companies and everything in between. What makes female entrepreneurs exceptional? These are the top 15 traits of successful women.


1. Be Authentic

Being authentic is more important than ever! You are your most authentic when your identity, image, and actions are all in alignment no matter what the circumstances or environment. You want who you are in person, behind the scenes, and in your everyday life to align with your brand values. People are watching and consumers want to buy from brands (and people) that are authentic and real.

2. Positivity

Keeping a positive outlook on life is a key factor to any successful person. Women however in positions of authority tend to have sunshiny outlooks on everything. These women always see the bright side of the situation and embrace it full force.

3. Ambition + Vision

Entrepreneurs in today’s world won’t get far without ambition, female entrepreneurs have to have it even more so. No successful person became successful by happenstance, nor did they stay that way without vision. These women don’t sit in a 9-5 daydreaming about what could be, they get out into the world and make those dreams a reality. They have a vision for where their entrepreneurial dreams will take them. They have plans to achieve those goals, and they have the dedication to see it through.

4. Know Their Strengths

The only way to be a successful woman is to be a strong woman; know your strengths and play to them. For example, divorce attorneys don’t go into the courtroom with a list of concessions, they go in with a solid game plan. Successful female entrepreneurs view life in much the same way. Knowing their strengths allows them to maximize their efforts.

5. Confidence

Confidence creates a sense that you know what you’re doing. You wouldn’t trust a person who was stammering and second-guessing their own words and ideologies. Powerful women don’t second guess themselves. They carry themselves and speak with authority.

6. Organization

As with anyone successful, being organized is a must. Life is messy and can be hectic, but when you have organization down to an art, peace can be created in the midst of chaos. Keeping a calendar that you actually consult is a great way to keep track of what is going on in your life, it’s how those ambitious women accomplish all the things they need to be done.

7. Self Growth

Effective women entrepreneurs are always improving themselves. They are always learning new things and creating personal growth. Many have life coaches read constantly, and are always looking for new ways to broaden their own mental horizons.

8. Failure is Not the End

Failure is not something that defeats a strong woman. A divorce attorney will lose every now and again, a web designer’s pitch will be rejected, and sometimes the alarm company loses the bid. These types of things don’t stop successful women from picking themselves back up and going on with life. Because the next pitch could bring success.

You cannot succeed if you never try.

9. Hardworking

Everyone knows that success does not come without hard work. Successful women don’t just work hard part of the time, they work hard all of the time. They are dedicated individuals, which is much harder in practice.

10. Let it Go

Effective female entrepreneurs don’t hold on to every little thing, and they don’t worry over any of it either. Some things in life are trivial, and these women know not to hold on to the trivial. They also know when something does need their time and attention and how to tell the difference.

11. Thankfulness

Finding contentment in all things in life is something everyone should work on. Successful women know to find contentment in even the smallest of successes. They remain thankful for every opportunity, every person who’s helped, and every minute thing that they are privileged to have.

12. Support System

People do not become successful by themselves. Strong women have people around them who are encouraging and uplifting. Exceptional women know not to surround themselves with negativity. Instead, they build a network of other strong women, in whom they can confide.

13. Not Easily Provoked

Powerful female entrepreneurs know when to fight, and when to keep their peace. They will not be goaded into an argument. They don’t nitpick, but when the need arises for a battle, they are unashamed to have it.

14. Belief

Successful females are passionate about what they do. Their belief in what they do creates a driving passion. That driving passion is inspiring and will help carry her endeavors through thick and thin times.

15. Never Surrender

While they may experience success by the boatload, their work is never finished. Exceptional female entrepreneurs have a determination and a drive to always be pushing toward the next mark or the next great thing. They never feel as though they’ve gone far enough.


No matter what you want to do in life there are lessons to be learned from the people who’ve gone before you. Take note of these characteristics of successful female entrepreneurs, and let them propel you to achieve your dreams.


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3 Replies to “15 Characteristics Of Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs”

  1. Andrea M Faison

    Love this information on a successful woman’s characteristics. It’s very true; however, it often take some time for so many of us to get there.Mainly in the. Black community when you have so nany opsticals and barriers to overcome. Yes, we have to fight our way to the top because of the forces against us on each side. The negativity from family and those in your circle. Some of who lack knowledge of the budiness world and others who just want you not to succeed. Thus, waiting for you to fail as they watch, and often ask how is your business going, or are you making any money. Even, stating that you need a job with benefits for retirement. Because I’m a late bloomer, I’m sa trong beliver in my vision and though it seems like everything I do is a fight, I go in to win.

  2. Seema Tripathi

    Very well explained Monika, Each Point you have mentioned are the strength of women entrepreneurs.
    Great article.

    1. Priya

      Its too gud

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