15 Characteristics Of Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs

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3 Replies to “15 Characteristics Of Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs”

  1. Andrea M Faison

    Love this information on a successful woman’s characteristics. It’s very true; however, it often take some time for so many of us to get there.Mainly in the. Black community when you have so nany opsticals and barriers to overcome. Yes, we have to fight our way to the top because of the forces against us on each side. The negativity from family and those in your circle. Some of who lack knowledge of the budiness world and others who just want you not to succeed. Thus, waiting for you to fail as they watch, and often ask how is your business going, or are you making any money. Even, stating that you need a job with benefits for retirement. Because I’m a late bloomer, I’m sa trong beliver in my vision and though it seems like everything I do is a fight, I go in to win.

  2. Seema Tripathi

    Very well explained Monika, Each Point you have mentioned are the strength of women entrepreneurs.
    Great article.

    1. Priya

      Its too gud

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