17 Signs That You are Ready to Leave a Corporate World Behind and Start a Business

17 Signs That You Are Ready to Leave a Corporate World Behind and Start a Business


by Tatyana Artemova

A job isn’t just a job, it is who you are.

Imagine this: You have a highly paid job, nice and friendly colleagues, and everything seems just fine. For others. But not for you.

You are feeling irritated and unsatisfied with your job more and more often. You really hate the company bureaucracy and limitations at work.

But why?

Most people feel comfortable with all that stability and safety, but not you…

Don’t worry, you are OK. Probably it is time.

It is time to think about quitting your 9-5 and start building your own empire.

If you have doubts, check the list of 17 KEY signs that you are ready to leave the corporate world behind and dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship:


1. You wake up with negative thoughts about what you do

Each morning you have to put all the effort to get prepared for a new working day and force yourself to go to the office. Not a very positive start, agree?


2. Any thought about a corporate world is a nightmare

You feel depressed every time you get an email or a message in chat related to your daily job. Definitely, it shouldn’t be that way. Such feelings can lead to soon stress.


3. You have no inspiration at work

New tasks and projects do not inspire you anymore. The only thought you have in mind when getting a new task is “Again to handle this…” If it happens, you should quit.


4. You don’t have the desire to generate new ideas and solutions

You are ambitious and creative enough but no new ideas are coming to your mind when it goes about your daily job.


5. You are waiting when the working day is over

Every morning you start thinking about the evening. You wait for an opportunity to leave this boring office atmosphere and spend time generating new ideas, writing your blog, reading books, mastering skills, listening to online courses, and just dedicating time to self-growth.


6. You don’t understand your top management

You are told that you have all the freedom to implement your ideas, but in fact, it is not really so. The vision of your bosses differs from what you have, so there is no reason to stay there longer. It is time to become the boss of your own life.


7. You never feel appreciation for what you do

If you do not feel valued and your work is not appreciated, you will never have the desire to do more for this company. So, think about the change.


8. No rest even during the day-offs

If you often feel stressed at work and cannot recharge your batteries even after the weekends, this can result in psychological disorders. There is no job in the world that should harm your health and bring negativity to daily life.


9. You are not getting new skills

If you spent a year or more at the company and there is no development and self-growth for you, it is time to leave and start developing new skills, mastering new languages, and growing.


10. You are not productive

Productivity at work is closely connected with positive thinking, motivation, and personal goals. If you don’t have all these, your productivity will be low and you will hardly enjoy the process. In this case, you are ready for a change!


11. You work hard but see no results

Have you noticed how much effort you put into your work, but see no results? Definitely, it depends on the goals you have, but without regular effects, you can burn out quickly and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe, you feel tired or just doing something that is not your calling.


12. You don’t have a private life

You forgot about the time you spent with family and friends because of your job. You feel stressed about no private life at all. This is the sign that you should change your life completely.


13. Your goal is to bring more value rather than get the status “Employee of the Month”

If values and principles mean more for you than money and status you should definitely move forward and create something great outside of your current corporate structure. Probably you’ve already started to share useful content on your social media or even run your own blog, so it is time to think about scaling up.


14. You don’t feel happy doing what you are doing

If you don’t enjoy the process and do not invest energy in what you are doing daily, you will never feel happy at work. So, why continue this?


15. The atmosphere at the company is negative

If the atmosphere at the company is depressing, people are constantly complaining and the only talks with colleagues are about negative aspects of work, there are two possible ways out – either to improve the situation and start an inspiring team or quit the game and leave the company.


16. You dream about financial and personal freedom

The more you work the more you feel imprisoned and think about new opportunities, dream about traveling, and plan your life the way you want. You can control your life, just take the first step and you’ll see the results.


17. You are always inspired thinking about your own business

If you get energy talking to people who create, if you dream about your own project where you can control everything, take the first step to start your own business.


And finally…

If you feel inspired by entrepreneurship, business ideas, and bringing value to society – unlock new horizons and start building your company in order to make this world better.  Always believe in yourself because you were created for something BIG!




Tania Artemova is a Founder at IStartHub, an online platform for entrepreneurs where everyone can find coaches, business ideas, and inspiration.

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  1. Mary Flowers

    great article. I had not read this before I walked away but had I read it I would have walked away sooner. I was making over a 1/4 million per yr and was depressed, oppressed and made a conscious decision LIFE IS SHORTER THAN YOU THINK!

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