3 Easy Ways to Brand Your Blog


by Mariah Krist

There are millions of blogs on the Internet. Everyone seems to have a blog, which is why it’s important to establish a personal brand. A brand establishes who you are, the information you deliver to your readers as well as the manner in which you present it to them.

Many people make the mistake of creating a website and content without considering the image they’re presenting. Without a brand, you lower your chances of blogging success as you fail to do what’s necessary to create a much-needed fanbase.

Yes, people subscribe because of the content they receive. However, your brand is how your viewers see you, what they associate with you and what you have to offer them. It’s how they decide if they like you and your content or not. A brand is a very important puzzle piece.


Here are a few simple tricks in branding yourself and your blog.


1. Choosing a unique blog name

One of the top things to determine the identity of your brand is your blog name. It represents who you are and what your blog is about. When people hear of your blog name, they immediately associate it with a certain niche and content.

For example, Elna Cain’s parent blog is “Twins Mommy.” It’s straight forward, right? When you hear “Twins Mommy”, you instantly know you’re getting blog content from a mother of twins. Hence, it’s a parenting blog.

Luxe Digital is a website dedicated to professionals with money to spend on digital products. That sounds like what you’re getting in the title, right? “Luxe” makes you think of “luxurious” and “digital” makes you know this site is about digital products.

Hence, choose a blog name that truly represents what you have to offer. Yes, you can always change it later. But, after a while, this title may become what people always remember you as.

So, choose something that honestly tells people who you are and what your blog is all about.


2. Choose a color and theme design that’s YOUR style

Another thing people tend to remember? Theme and style.

For example, when it comes to Elna Cain, I think of her style as soft and sweet color tones, such as white and pink. A “sweet mom” theme. However, with B2B blogger Jorden Makelle, I think of more “rock” tones like black and a deep purple with an “edgy” tone.

Both are bloggers for business and have scored big brand deals, but both have vastly different styles. What’s your website theme and tone? Do you go for more “soft” colors with a clean white background or do you prefer a more “rock and edgy” style?

A website style is like the type of clothes you like to wear. Everyone has their own style that tells the world the type of person they are. Is your website all about the red heels or the combat boots? Is it somewhere in between those or something else entirely?

The choice is yours and no choice is wrong! Find your own unique style and color tone. Remember, you’re telling readers the type of person you are through this style.


3. Define your voice

 Possibly the most important tip of all!

Again using Elna and Jorden as examples, Elna has the “sweet mom” personality with her voice. However, Jorden is more bold, outspoken and uses swear words to help explain her point.

Both are polar opposites. And yet, these traits are exactly what created their large fan bases today.

What’s your voice? Are you soft spoken and “professional” in how you speak or do you have a “loud” voice and use a laid back tone? We all write a blog differently than the next writer and, to establish your brand, you have to find your style and tone of voice.

It’s this voice that’s going to create your fan base and draw people to you. And it’s going to be what makes them love your content and subscribe to your blog.


Discover the blogger you are

When you’ve established your brand, that’s when you can really develop a solid fanbase and give your blog a true identity.

What brand are you? What personality do you give off to the world? Is it one that’s authentic and you don’t mind selling to other businesses as a reflection of yourself? Is truly you?

These answers are very important as you’re navigating through a blogging career. It will make your journey easier and allow you to discover the business leader you are.

Remember, your brand is your identity to the world. Make it one you’re proud of.



Mariah is a freelance B2B writer who offers blogging and editing services. She works closely with a client and uses her skills to craft content that captures a reader’s interest, increases search engine visibility, and lets her reader take action. You can view her website MariahKrist.com to learn more about her.









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