It’s NOT business. It’s personal.


It’s NOT business. It’s personal.


by Nancy Cooper

Why is it so hard for powerful businesswomen to be vulnerable?

We have spent our lives being taught that in order to get ahead we either have to give it or be “like a man.”

This doesn’t work.

Women weren’t designed to “fake it ‘til you make it” or remove any emotion from their decisions by following the toxic belief that “it’s not personal, it’s business.”

Here’s the thing.

It’s always personal.

Every decision we make is going to personally impact someone on some level, and to try to devalue our impact in such a way means that we are actually surrendering our power.

We are entering into a time where a women’s power is once again declaring itself as hers and it is not up for negotiation as to who uses it. She will use it. It is hers.

This is why it is so important to utilize our power in the way it was designed to be used instead of trying to convey it in a way that isn’t true to its expression. Women are not men. They are sacred and magical and are built with the inherent ability to create, and if we as women can convert a soul into a living person, we can create anything.

Stop trying to disconnect from people and not “get personal.” Connect! It is what we were built for. It’s how we were designed. Sharing your journey, your struggles, and your victories allows people to connect with you on a whole different level that opens you up to seriously impacting them in a significant way.

Add the pressure of constant expectation to be perfect to the mix and it is even more powerful to recognize just how much women have to overcome just to feel as if they get equal treatment. Wrinkles, weight gain, and hair loss are common and accepted in men as they get older, but if a woman begins to show signs of aging, no longer fits a stereotypical mold of female figure perfection, or loses her hair, she wrestles with becoming irrelevant. Women have the pressure thrust upon them that if they are not worth “looking at,” then they are not worth being heard. This creates so much added stress for us to show up flawlessly because we must never give someone an excuse to find a flaw.

It’s time to change that narrative. Let’s normalize wanting to be and see the best possible version of ourselves for ourselves and start talking about what it takes to achieve that. I understand the pressure and I get that you’re self-conscious, but when a woman shares her vulnerabilities, especially those things she does to overcome them, all I see is a real woman who is making space for others to accept themselves where they find themselves on their journey and someone who is showing others the power of pulling out the real version of them that they envision sharing with the world. I see a queen.

If you struggle with confidence, show others how you work through it. If you struggle with something with your appearance, share what you do to overcome this thing that makes you feel like you’re being presented to the world inauthentically. If you’ve overcome an obstacle, share your trials and tribulations and how you alchemized what was made to harm you into what you built your legacy on. Get personal.

Stop trying to “fake it ‘til you make it” or allow impossible beauty standards to threaten your ability to connect with others in an opportunity to share your gifts and knowledge. Your message is valid because it’s yours – not because of how you look. We don’t need to try to be like anyone or anything else in order to be successful or to make an enormous impact so let’s start doing business like a woman. If we can turn souls into humans, imagine what we can do with ideas.




As a young child, Nancy began remembering a man whom she had never met but missed very dearly. She later came to realize this man was someone whom she remembered from a past life and that she had come to this life to heal the wound of his loss and the trauma she had experienced around it. This revelation led her to discover the connection between past life trauma and its effects on our current life experiences and has written and published book one of a series that shines a light on this topic, Witch’s Wound. Witch’s Wound represents the wounds women carry from past life traumas into their current life that result in a deep fear of being seen and recognized for their gifts and abilities.

Along with her work on normalizing the topic of past life healing and trauma, Nancy is also a spiritual intuitive, channel for the divine, and communicates with the angels along with channeling messages from a higher being that goes by the name of Theia.

As a Spiritual Business Strategist her greatest passion and mission is to help women step into their power and learn how to monetize their magic so they can do their part in the world to assist in the ascension and betterment of the planet for all living kind. Nancy believes that the work of Wise Women is strongly needed these days and desires to help women create successful Spiritually Based Businesses to enable them to make a stable living while simply being who they are and dedicating themselves to their spiritual work.




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