Making PowerPoint Cool: The Ultimate Guide

Are you finding it challenging to compose a presentation? Do you find it a time-consuming process? No worries, if that’s the case. Go easy with the process of creating presentations, utilizing presentation templates. However, keep in mind that even if the template is far too plain or the design looks outdated, it might be bothersome. Therefore, you’ll want one with a lot of intricate designs, and for that, free PowerPoint templates are ideal. Simply google PowerPoint and get started with it now!

How does a great PowerPoint Look?


You must have probably heard the phrase “excess of anything is harmful”; well, that’s true since overdoing it in your presentation will not help you ace it. Keep the design of your presentation minimalistic. Instead of employing a range of styles and patterns on the slides, simply choose one or two that best represent the idea you’re trying to convey.

Whenever you sit down to create your PowerPoint, keep in mind the aim of why you are making that particular presentation. The aim is generally to enlighten or convince the audience. It’s a good idea to sketch out your target ahead of time. This way, you’ll work more quickly and will be able to create a sequence of simple and straightforward slides effectively.

Data Driven:

While broader statements might aid you in establishing the tone, at the same time, providing proof to back up your claims would make your case more intriguing and believable. Your case will have more substance if you use data as well as facts or experiences, and others will be able to grasp what you’re putting forward effectively. Thus, to make a good persuasive PointPoint consider adding in relevant data from different sources. However, make sure the data you provide is derived from a reliable source; just don’t abruptly provide the statistics on your slides.

Also, note whether you are presenting it in an understandable format because that makes a massive difference in the impact, such as using accurate charts and innovative graphs. Many of the PowerPoint templates provide data-driven charts that will keep it more uncomplicated for you to showcase figures and adjust data values whenever you want, at any stage.

Eye Catching:

Along with being informative and data-driven, a good presentation consists of a catchy eye layout. Some of the features that a good presentation must consist of are:

  • display with no abrupt aligning but having consistency in the layout of the slides. Giving a sense of completion while one goes from frame to frame.
  • The subheadings, headings, and logos all are placed in the same area in the body of the document, on each slide.
  • In which subtle colors, either in a combination of two or three, are used. The same color scheme used in the first slide is continued for the following slides.
  •  Besides colors, margins, typefaces, and font size of the words should also be consistent throughout the presentation. Even the background of each slide should be the same, don’t just make it a rainbow because that’s a big NO when it comes to business presentations.
  • Boxes, columns, borders, lines, and white space should all be uniform.
  • To attract the audience, you can also showcase relevant images in your slides. It would be great if you placed them on the right side of the frame, accompanying the text on the left.

Thus, make your presentations creative by browsing through the PowerPoint blog. There you’ll get a whole bunch of presentation tutorials and articles that will guide you through every step effectively.

Top Tips for Astonishing PowerPoints:

We hope that all the discussion done above might have cleared your views regarding good presentations. Besides this, we would like to add in a few extra tips that would help you in making your PowerPoint a mesmerizing one. The tips are as follows:

  • Few Bullets:

People may struggle to comprehend or even read descriptive or complex written information. If the presentation on the projector absorbs all of the audience’s attention, you won’t be able to make your position evident to them once you’re in front of them. It’s self-evident that one would pay more attention to you then. Therefore, make sure you explain the objectives clearly and concisely, rather than equivocating. Breaking the content into bullet points would be ideal for this. Condense the content into bullets so they understand the gist of the argument as they see it, and the rest will be up to you to persuade and engage them during your oral presentation.

However, that doesn’t mean you make a whole bulk of bullet points; the lesser, the more that’s how you must make them. Among the PowerPoint templates available, you can utilize the Creative Agenda Slides PowerPoint Template. Users will be able to arrange and convey information effectively, highlighting the agenda items through the bullet list provided. This will also give an overview to the presenter, making sure he doesn’t miss out on anything.

  • Valuable Info:

Presentations are simple to create, yet not every presentation achieves its goal. You may be wondering how to determine whether or not your presentation was a hit. It’s essential to keep in mind that a great presentation ends with a call to action, and the best way to do so is to provide the audience with helpful information.

To do so, get to know your audience and constantly think about what they want while you design your presentation, rather than what you can provide them. You will be able to obtain the information that you require in this manner, making it useful to them. Real-life experiences can also be included in the presentation to increase the emotional appeal. Furthermore, when delivering the presentation, you must pay attention to the reactions of your audience and be prepared to reply appropriately. Keep in mind that it must be simple for your listeners to comprehend and react to your message.

  • Graphs and Infographics:

A whole lot of words might be boring for the audience. And if you fail to gain the interest of your audience, then all the hard work you have done in making this presentation will go wasted, and that presentation will be of no use. Therefore, when summarizing and presenting your facts, utilize slides to emphasize keywords and provide graphics.

Visuals assist your content by improving understanding, and retention and eliciting an emotional reaction that improves impact. Make use of eye-catching graphics to present your point. Utilize graphs and infographics in your PowerPoint to maintain the interest of the people you are addressing. If you want to hassle with all the graphic work, then consider Corporate Orange Gradient PowerPoint Template. It offers you pre-designed graphics and professional layouts to assist you in communicating an appealing corporate profile. Topics varying from financial portfolios as well as proposals to CEO reports can be displayed using these layouts.

  • Use vectors:

Vectors are ideal for PowerPoint presentations since they can be displayed easily on any inch screen as the vectors may be resized up or down without sacrificing the quality. Since vector images generally are composed of mathematical models rather than pixels.

The Creative Orange PowerPoint Template has visually attractive corporate presentation templates utilizing vector art which can aid you to make the presentation eye catchy.

Offering you a range of visuals such as the pyramid, concentric circles for market segmentation, funnel, and Venn diagrams to create a compelling presentation for business owners and executives.

Summing up here with the fact that if the above-discussed tips and tricks are taken into consideration while creating a presentation, you will pave the way, it is guaranteed!

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