6 step routine: professional makeup for a tidy meeting look


For many busy professional women, a quick and easy make-up routine is essential. When you are responsible for significant projects and the management of people, there is little time to be handling hundreds of products. Yet, image is something in our professional lives, and part of maintaining our confidence and sense of esteem comes from looking well-presented and accentuating those key features. 

Here we look at a six-step make-up routine that can fit into any busy day.



A minimal make-up routine relies on your skin looking healthy and radiant. All too often, we get into a cycle of poor skin and heavy make-up to cover up the problem, which only serves to make that problem worse. Therefore, fundamental to a quick make-up routine is the right cleanser.

According to dermatologists, some of the best cleansers are gentle and hydrating. Most experts also suggest natural products that are oil and fragrance-free and include SPF moisturizers to help counter the impact of the sun. 

If you are short on time, you could skimp on any part of the routine but this one. You should pay particular attention to the T-zone and give yourself the best base to work from.


Tinted moisturizer

Getting rid of the foundation is one step to shortening your routine. The use of tinted moisturizer might not give you the same coverage as a foundation, but it does leave your face refreshed and glowing. The tinted moisturizer contains a much higher percentage of humectants and so keeps your face hydrated and supple – avoiding problems of dry and irritated skin that can be a side effect of foundations.

Ultimately, tinted moisturizer is an excellent product for a quick make-up routine because it steps up to double duty. You moisturize after cleansing, and you enhance your complexion while protecting your skin from the sun. While it won’t cover up breakouts, it will give you a healthy glow and prevent future skin problems.


Blush powder

The great thing about blush powder is that it can be used on your bare skin and doesn’t need the foundation base. Therefore, you can apply it with a brush and blend it for a soft flush of color in your cheeks. It is a great way to get over the pale and interesting look that sometimes comes with being a busy professional. 

What’s more, a compact blush powder is far more convenient than a cream blush and is something that can easily be carried around in your bag without fear of squirting disasters. While some experts suggest adding a powder onto a tinted moisturizer isn’t as ideal as using this cream blush, we sometimes need to make compromises for convenience and speed. However, waiting for the skin to dry after applying the moisturizer will prevent some claggy errors.


Brow pencil

Our eyebrows are an under-appreciated asset on our face. Our eyes are powerful in interpersonal relationships, and the brows give this prominence and accentuate their beauty. A brow pencil is an essential product because it is a quick and easy way to define this area, increasing or decreasing the intensity depending on the situation.

While there is a lot of chat about eyebrow gel and eyebrow tint, a brow pencil gives you much more control in a shorter amount of time. They can take sparse-looking eyebrows and elevate them to be a crucial facial feature in a matter of moments in the mirror. 



While we are putting a lot of attention on the eyes, anyone successful in building relationships in business and beyond knows that they play a fundamental role. Without mascara, our eyes shrink back into the face and can look dull and lifeless. Applying mascara makes your eyes look bigger, opening them up and making you appear more welcoming. It is also fair to say that a mascara tub and a spoolie in your bag is a quick fix when you are in a rush.


Lip balm

Finally, the lips. No lipstick? Well, why bother with a lip covering when you can have a lip protector that also brings some vibrancy and color to your lips. Saving time is all about a product doing some heavy lifting. As with tinted moisturizer, a lip balm will add color but also protect against dryness. A good balm will prevent problems with wind chill, and low humidity and ultimately stop chapped lips. You will naturally get that pout that you aspire to with supple lips, keeping the lips youthful and full.




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