Great podcasts to help your business grow

Great Podcasts to Help your Business Grow

Great podcasts to help your business grow


The Fabulous Fempreneurship Show has a series of great podcasts to help your business grow.  You can listen to them on your favorite podcast platform or check out the podcast tab on the Fabulous Fempreneurship website for the whole archive.  Women experts (and a few men) deliver such valuable tips that can save you tons of time trying to figure it out for yourself.


Here are a few of the recent episodes of great podcasts to help your business grow.


Bob MinhasOnline business expert

If you have subject matter expertise, have you thought about harnessing your knowledge and running a series of courses?   Bob Minhas has been doing this for over 15 years and he guides you how to make money online.


Deon HallMulti-business entrepreneur

Deon is not only a successful CPA working for a large insurance company in NYC, she also runs multiple side businesses in the health field.   She explains how she keeps it all together as she works to develop her side gigs into a full blown sustainable business in the near future.


David TrotterA new way for women entrepreneurs to develop social media

David Trotter has created a new venture called Rise Up Creatives that is geared solely to women entrepreneurs.  It is a platform that not only gives you curated graphics for your social media but also has the script that you can use and modify to go along with the graphics.   It’s always hard to come up with just the right words to accompany your social media, but now you have them right at your fingertips.


Dan EddsDesigning a Culture of Courage

Once your business starts to grow, what kind of culture do you want it to embrace.  It’s important to think about your business culture from the first moment you hire employees or contractors.  Take some time to figure out how your business will show up in the universe.  It’s worth mapping it out!


Cate Scolnik Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

That voice in our heads that is always chattering on about how we aren’t good enough has to go!  When it comes to having a video presence, and getting on camera, well, now this voice gets louder and louder so that it completely stalls us into taking action and being visible.   Cate, will help you get rid of this imposter syndrome as it relates to your video presence, so that you feel so much more confident.


As you spend more time outside this summer, walking, jogging, gardening or picnicing, listening to great podcasts to help your business grow is a great way to multi-task in a very relaxing way.   See what you think!



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