6 secrets to break through what is holding you back


by Kelly Lynn Adams

Ever have one of those years, quarters, weeks or days where it seems like you just can’t get ahead? Cue 2020. Maybe overwhelm, procrastination, anxiety or fear takes over?

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything and Run’ or ‘Face Everything and Rise’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar

What is it that is holding you back from fully experiencing your dreams, desires, and passions?

For some of us, when faced with an obstacle we tend to think:

Why is this happening to me?  Why can’t I just get ahead and be successful?  Why can’t I be more confident? Why is this not happening fast enough? I am doing all of “the right stuff”, can’t I just catch a break?  When am I just going to be able to be happy and have the things I want?

It is comfortable to live in the land of victimhood and blame; yet how long do you want to live there?

Obstacles are a natural part of life, they are put into our life’s path to teach us a lesson, re-direct us and allow our experience to show us what we still may need to learn and embody. Sometimes the biggest obstacle can be ourselves, us getting in our way and self-sabotaging what is for us.

Sometimes we think, who am I to want what I truly want, ask for it and totally receive it?

Who are you not to experience all that you want?

You are allowed to want what you want.
Full stop.
And unapologetically.

If you want to create different thoughts, feelings, actions, and results in your life, you get to decide to make the changes. You can breakthrough and boost your self-esteem at the same time, in less than an hour, check out these 6 ways.

These 6 tips will propel you to overcome any blockages that might be holding you back from what you truly want, desire, and deserve.


  1. Readjust the Timeline. Many times, we are so focused on “our timelines” that we forget there is a higher power at play. At times we want something so badly that all we can do is obsess over it, eat, breathe, talk and think about it. This creates resistance and no space for flow. Remember your desire was put into your heart and in your head for only you to carry it out in the way that only you can do so; however, most of us want what we want on our time frame. Readjust your timeline and release the pressure of having it happen in a certain time frame.
  2. Ask the Question, “What is the opportunity in this present moment”? Within every challenge and obstacle there is ALWAYS an opportunity. The key is to find the opportunity in every situation. A powerful question to ask yourself is, what is the opportunity within this situation? While this might not be an easy thing to do while you are in the middle of experiencing an obstacle or challenge; the opportunity will always present itself when you are ready to receive it. Keep asking until you can uncover the opportunity.
  3. Move Your Body. When things aren’t going our way, we tend to want to complain about it, think about it, or push it away for us to not feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. The next time you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or something is not going your way, get into your body, lean into the feelings, and allow yourself to truly feel all that is coming up. We can’t heal what we don’t feel. Move your body, change your environment, get outside and feel. Most breakthroughs come after we physically break out of our current environment, and get moving.
  4. Help Someone Else. When you are feeling “not good enough” or playing the victim in your life, the moment you help someone else who is in need you will instantly feel better. Being of service shifts our perception and puts into perspective how blessed we truly are; if you have a roof over your head, food to eat, and are reading this you are pretty lucky.
  5. Manage Your Mindset & Energy. Your mind, thoughts, and energy are extremely powerful. The thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the words you speak, and the actions you take will determine your success. This must be a part of your daily consciousness, being aware of all of it. To change where you are today you can create better thoughts, feelings, and words whenever you want so that you to step fully into your greatness. Make sure you are plugging into a training, motivational video, podcast, group, or activity that will elevate you every day. Watch what you consume on all levels.
  6. What is my next action? When we are blocked or experience the feeling of “being held back” it is because we haven’t taken action; action creates momentum, and momentum creates confidence. Whatever action you take whether it is business planning, exercising, taking a walk, pitching an article, or signing up for a new class this will propel you into momentum. Daily right action steps will help you create a life that you love. These action steps don’t have to be massive, they can be small steps, taken daily over time—the compound effect will then result in massive results.


What simple secret will you implement in breaking through what is holding you back?



Kelly Lynn Adams, is a certified executive, leadership & life coach, business & lifestyle strategist, speaker, & creator of the perfectly imperfect podcast. She is also the founder of the Womxn. Work. Worth movement which has helped hundreds of high-achieving women manage their mindset, maximize their time, and monetize in their businesses.

Kelly Lynn has spent over 18+ years in Corporate America working for some of the top retail and fashion brands in the world like Gucci, DKNYJeans, Kenneth Cole & Bed Bath & Beyond.

Her mission is to help others get out of their own way, grow and thrive by creating transformation, impact, and influence through mindset training and managing stress. She also helps people to redefine success through shifting their thoughts, increasing their confidence, stepping into their power, and supersizing their self-love.

Kelly Lynn’s transformational coaching, speaking, and success secrets are often sought out by the media, she has been featured on Forbes.com, Huffington Post, and affiliates of CBS, Fox, & ABC to name a few.

You can find more about Kelly through her website and on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. You can also tune into her weekly podcast, Perfectly Imperfect.








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