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Why Leather Jackets are the new trend for women?

Do you like staying up to date with fashion trends? While specific trends are ever-fleeting, like denim on denim, other trends tend to resurface again quite a lot. This includes leather jackets for women.

Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner, and Alessandra Ambrosio. These are even few celebrities seen sporting a leather jacket in the past year. So does this mean leather jackets are back in trend?

Well, this is one item of clothing that has never indeed left the fashion world. Years after years, this type of jacket makes a reoccurrence, often popularized by celebrities and influencers.

Why is it back on trend for women? Here are the reasons why!

  1. You can use them for formal or casual wear

Can you imagine wearing a fur jacket to work? Unless you wish to look like Cruella, you will not dare to break specific fashion rules.

But, one type of clothing that is flexible enough to be used with formal and casual wear is a women’s leather jacket. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a dressy pantsuit or a summery dress; you can quickly wear a leather jacket on top of it and retain the vibe that you were going for.

Whether you are running errands in town, dining out with your friends, or attending an important work meeting, you can get away with wearing a leather jacket on top of your clothing for it all!

The fact that it is flexible enough for both types of uses makes the clothing relatively cost-effective.

  1. Ideal for rainy days

For those of you living in a vicinity that receives a lot of rainfall, we are sure that leather jackets will probably never go out of trend. This is because these jackets have practical use and deem as the ideal and timeless article of clothing.

What is this practical use? Well, leather jackets are known to be waterproof. The thick outer leather layer ensures that no water reaches your innerwear. Instead, it all slides off of the leather. This means that even if it is raining cats and dogs, you can get to your desired location without your top getting soaking wet.

Moreover, you can easily find hooded leather jackets, which tend to serve the purpose of a raincoat while making sure you look fashionable. So think about it – what other fashion trend makes you look fantastic when it’s raining?

  1. Customizable as per size and style

The worst thing about most denim jackets is that they are only available in specific sizes and styles.

However, owing to the rising and everlasting popularity of leather jackets, various apparel stores now give the option of customizing the clothing as per one’s preference of style and size. This includes styles like a bomber, biker, trucker, and aviator jackets.

All in all, this means that the sky is your limit. You can choose between various colors and styles to create the perfect leather jacket for the look you wish to make.

  1. High durability

According to a study conducted by Statista, durability is the topmost longevity characteristic that shoppers look for in their apparel. But, sadly, durable clothing cannot be found easily – especially when you are on a tight budget.

Leather jackets have successfully made it back to the trending list because, in today’s world, where consumers want value for their money via durable and high-quality products, leather jackets rise to the occasion.

When chosen from an authentic store, the jackets strike the perfect balance of durability and softness. Unfortunately, this is quite hard for clothing items to achieve. This is because soft material is prone to tearing and ripping. On the other hand, durable clothing tends to be rough and uncomfortable.

Yet, somehow, leather jackets manage to be both. Its texture feels smooth on the skin while being durable.

  1. It ages like fine wine

Are you tired of purchasing clothing items that begin showing signs of tearing after excessive use? Well, leather jackets are not different in this regard. They do change as they get old. However, the plus point is that the older a leather jacket, the better it looks!

The color of the jackets tends to fade with time. However, the difference is quite subtle and easy on the eye. The older the jacket is, the more slightly lighter it is. This means that you can invest in a leather jacket once and wear it for a few years without looking bad.

Moreover, if you wish to stop this aging process, all you have to do is store it indoors, away from light and moisture, and use leather conditioning products on it. Either way, the fact remains that it always looks stylish and classy.

  1. It gives off a pleasant smell

Another point of contention of women is just how quickly the smell of perfume tends to dissipate from their clothing. It is especially true on a hot day.

While leather jackets cannot do anything about the general perfume situation, they help make people seem more presentable by offering a pleasant fragrant of their own. In addition, if a jacket is made up of authentic leather, it tends to give off a cedar-like aroma that people find pleasing.

The aroma is quite subtle and is not found in any other type of clothing. It makes the experience unique, thereby fueling the mystique around it.

Ending Remarks

To sum it up, leather jackets are again back in trend for women because they tick all the right boxes of the modern consumers. They are versatile, durable, customizable, and pleasant for both hot and rainy days. So what else do you want from a jacket?

Look around you and find the perfect leather jacket style for your need. Then, pair it up with whatever you want, and you will be ready to start your day!

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