Four Ways Emotion and Can Increase Profit


by Ashley Christian

For decades feminine emotion has been looked down on in the workplace as a weakness. Professional women are encouraged to be strong and aggressive. The goal is to increase profits at all costs, even if there is emotional collateral.

While this hustle mindset is often necessary for business growth, it is not sustainable unless balanced with softer feminine emotions. Women who operate in “boss mode” for too long, while avoiding emotion, can burn out themselves or their team.


Here are four ways emotion can increase profit:

Intuition— Not all business decisions can be boiled down to expert advice and math. Often the difference between maintenance and growth is a sixth sense about the next step. It’s something you can feel in your bones and may not be able to totally explain. Following this sort of gut feeling and experiencing the resulting business breakthrough, requires emotional attunement.

Collaboration— The best investment in your business or career, is in people. Women in the corporate world know that promotion often comes from who you know. Fostering office relationships through emotional connection is never time wasted. Entrepreneurs and CEOs know that employees and partners work more productively when they feel known and appreciated. Stay sensitive to the emotional climate of those you work with and show genuine interest in their lives and success. People will do anything for someone who can see their worth.

Customer Resonation— when the radio is dialed into the correct station and within range, clear beautiful sound is the result. But when you’re off by a single click, all you hear is garbled static. Customers make buying decisions based on creating or avoiding a specific emotion for themselves. If we are emotionally tuned into customer feedback, then our products and messaging will resonate with them like crisp radio sound. When customers feel seen and heard, increased buying is the result.

Longevity— A hustle season can be a healthy part of growing a business or career, but it’s not a healthy part of sustaining one. Our emotions were given to us for a reason. Negative emotion is not an indicator that we’re not good enough, but rather a helpful tool to alert us to the bigger picture. Gone unchecked, long-term stress will lead to relationship breakdown and a potential health crisis. If you are in your business for the long term, stay connected with your emotional states so you can manage your self-care effectively.


The cost of losing valuable team members, being out of touch with your customer’s needs, or having your life hijacked by a stress-related health condition is not worth it. Allow emotions into your business to avoid these pitfalls and watch your profits flourish.



Ashley Christian is the Marketing Director for Gospel Centered Health and author of several mindfulness journals for kids and teens.









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