How to press the reboot button in your business.

Are you sick of hearing the phrase Global Pandemic as much as I am? It forced everyone out of their comfort zones and virtually reconstructed how we pun intended. Even some of the biggest publicly traded companies in the world have had to “Pivot” and as entrepreneurs and small business owners we had to drink the cool-aid too. Even I, an Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist ( NBC Universal ) pivoted in ways that only a year ago would’ve been unthinkable. Pushing myself to learn Mailchimp without a meltdown, creating content with Canva and upleveling my social media engagement. Yet throughout the madness, and as I expanded I developed new strategies and made some real connection. Oh yeah and money in business account..BooYAH.

I was asked for some advice recently around ways people could refocus their business objectives. With many people in the workforce looking for new jobs and careers over the next several months, that isn’t possible for everyone. Some people choose to stay at their current company but want to find a renewed sense of value in their current role. My advice for people who want to make their current role or workplace more meaningful and inspiring?

When I was little- I wanted to get the best grades, be noticed, struggled with perfectionism, there is no such thing- your flaws are what make you truly beautiful-what I learned to do is celebrate my uniqueness and talents. I was an artist and loved beauty so I became a professional makeup artist eventually working in the television industry. It didn’t happen overnight, but it was totally worth working so hard for it!

No matter where I was in my journey I would make time to refocus and find the deeper purpose in my work. That lead me to writing a book! I learned to stop comparing myself to others and take baby steps. What I learned:

It takes courage to embrace who you are in a world that is constantly changing and unpredictable

Denied self-expression = depression

It’s OK to rewrite your SELF

Stop hiding and embrace who you really are

Your light has infinite power so be dynamic

Be bold and go beyond your comfort zone

Because your passion can change the world!

Now, it might sound like a mantra but it’s definitely what keeps me frosty. Giving myself the chance to reboot, either by taking a break, focusing on my inner spirt with daily meditation, redefining my fitness and health goals or placing one foot in front of the other in my business, one day at a time. This morning I had a vision. No, really it was a spark of the divine! And I thought..It’s not a competition. It’s a marathon. And I’m running and looking around to see who is running along side me. Let’s win together! So..on that note, I got a call from a friend who is a business coach asking me to participate in her Coaching Business Summit: Embodying Your Inner-CEO to grow to 6-Figures and Beyond where experts (including myself) from around the world will share how you can step into your highest and best CEO-self.

Everything in my body said “No!” when she asked me to be a speaker. We are traveling next weekend, I’m booked…blah blah…but this is entirely virtual and interactive. Now that my coaching business is off the ground I’m working everyday and this opportunity pushed me to take massive action! Here, this is me laughing about it on YouTube. But seriously, what better way to iron out the kinks, learn new methods and frameworks in your business than learning from experts, right? We all want to make chicken in the air fryer but need to see a quick video on how to do it first! Yes, the air fryer was a game changer for us.

I made this video to inspire everyone and hope to see you at the Summit!

Our Interviews will reveal:

  • The mindset shifts needed to break through your income ceiling whether that’s pre-6-figures, or 6-figures and beyond!
  • Being able to drop everything at a moment’s notice to be present with your loved ones – while knowing that your business is still thriving…
  • Building a legacy business serving your ideal clients…surprising and delighting them at every turn – just by you being you. (without the exhaustion of over-delivering)
  • Building a team – When is it time to start building a team, and what to look for when hiring team members and VA’s.
  • Branding & Design, Marketing, FB Ads, & Copywriting: Why it’s important, what to look for in hiring, what you need to bring to the table, and what to expect from your experts.

I mean Trina Serrecchia is bringing together a panel of over 28+ experts, including coaches, marketing experts, branding & image experts, money & finance experts, Facebook Ads strategist, business leaders, and 6-7-figure+ coaching business owners…who better to get those secrets, tips and skills from?!!! I know I’m looking for that “Legacy Level” and creating the income and impact to match!

Sign up for the Coaching Business Summit and then register for my class! It’s a  LIVE training called Rock Your Videos, don’t worry it’s not TikTok..I help people get clients online by teaching them to uncover their brand message and generate content that converts using video. So..I’m thrilled to invite you to this summit which will definitely help you gain new insights throughout this 14-day event. And I’m so happy to share this FREE event with you!  Let’s get ready for the reboot!! 

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