Save money when shopping online

10 Ways to Save Money when Shopping Online

Shopping online has always been popular, but since the pandemic started, it has become a way of life. This is why saving money on your online purchases is very welcomed. 


save cash online


Here are the best ways to save cash on your online purchases…


Shop Around

When it comes to shopping online, google is your friend! Type into the search bar what you’re looking for then click on the shopping tab. Filter by price low and remember to check the postage prices, as delivery can dramatically bump up the costs of smaller items.


Buy Second Hand

You can save upwards of 50% by purchasing quality used items. Websites like eBay offer full protection for buyers so that if the item doesn’t match the description, you will never be out of pocket.

You can also get second-hand goods on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, remember though, these don’t give you the protection that you would get from a site like eBay. So choose your seller wisely, platforms with seller feedback are preferable for this.


Offset your Spending

Whether you’re buying brand new or secondhand, a great way to offset your costs is by selling old items that you no longer require. You can sell absolutely anything online these days and there are some great niche websites and apps to use, such as Depop for clothing and Etsy for vintage items.


Discount Codes

Never make a purchase online without checking to see if there’s a voucher code available first. There are plenty of voucher code websites and apps to choose from, so ensure you check a few as one might not have one for the particular shop you’re searching for, whereas another might.


Student Discount

If you or anyone in your home is a student, you should definitely sign up for Unidays and Studentbeans. Students get HUGE savings online on everything from white goods to clothing.



One of my favorite ways to save money is through cashback websites. The best one is Topcashback, closely followed by Quidco. I recommend signing up for both as they have different retailers on board. It’s super simple, you sign up for free, and when you shop online you go via their links. You can earn up to 20% back on your online spending.


Shop Sales

One of the very best ways to save money on your online shopping is to shop the sales. All retailers have sales to get rid of surplus stock and end-of-season lines. Knowing when a sale is due to land is key to getting the best bargains.

This way you can be ready to pounce when your favourite retailer is due to drop a sale.  Simply pop the items you have your eye on in your basket, then on the morning of the sale check to see if your items have been included.

With online sale date trackers you can get the heads up on anything from the hugely popular TU 25% off Clothing at Sainsbury’s to the Supermarkets 25% off Wine Offer (which is my favorite).


Sign Up to Emails

Newsletters are a must! As soon as I intend to make a purchase online, I sign up for the retailer’s email newsletter. 9 times out of 10 you get a special gift or a voucher code to take off your first purchase.


Social Media

Search out a follow money-saving, freebie, and deal-hunting pages/groups on your favorite social media accounts. This way you’ll be able to bag freebies, save cash on everyday spending and see discounted products in your feeds all year round, that you can put away for Christmas.


Combined Savings 

The very best way to maximize your online shopping discount is to combine all the above tips. Purchase items from the sale/clearance sections, find a discount code to further reduce the product (or a student discount if you qualify), and remember to go through a cashback site, to earn cashback on your purchase. With this method, you’re getting yourself a triple whammy of savings.



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