3 Reasons Podcasts Are Ideal For The Introvert Entrepreneur

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3 Reasons Podcasts Are Ideal For Introvert Entrepreneurs


Remember that ideal client profile you spent so much time on where you identified the daily habits of your ideal client? These days podcasts allow you to actually become a part of those daily habits.

With each episode, podcasts are literally laser beamed into people’s ears while they’re commuting, walking the dog, working out at the gym, or even sneakily while at work.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing mediums for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and cultural influencers to reach directly into the ears of their ideal clients. It’s an industry that’s exploding and having an ever-increasing impact.

One of the reasons they’re so popular is because podcasts create an intimate experience between host and listener.

For entrepreneurs, this is especially valuable.

We are after all endlessly working to create that Know, Like, and Trust factor, right?

The benefits of podcasting or being interviewed on podcasts are huge for everyone, but there is one particular group of people who naturally thrive in the podcast arena.

And that is introverts.

Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t introverts too “shy” to broadcast themselves to millions of people?

My answer as both an introvert and podcast host is a resounding no. Some of the most well-known podcast hosts are in fact introverts: Tim Ferriss, Jonathan Fields, Tara Gentile, Chelane Johnson, and Pat Flynn to name a few.

Even Susan Cain – the woman who literally wrote the book on introversion has a podcast!

“Almost every good broadcaster I know is an introvert. It’s one of those weird things in life that for many, it’s easier to speak to a microphone than to people.” ~ Stacey Simms, host of the podcast Diabetes Connections

Here are 3 key reasons why hosting or being interviewed on a podcast is ideal for you if you’re an introvert:


1 . No One Can See You

Podcasts can be recorded from the privacy of your own home (I sometimes record while still in bed!), which means you won’t have to face the outside human world draining you of your energy. You can record them on your own time from the coziness of your living room couch which feels so much easier than getting up on a stage or going to tons of networking events.

And if you’re nervous about public speaking, podcasts allow you to get away with checking your notes or even reading directly from them. And because very few shows are broadcast live, you can always edit out any mistakes


2. Real Talk Wins

As an introvert small talk probably makes you want to lay on the floor and rock back and fourth because it’s just so awful and pointless and OMG, how do people actually make friends this way??

This is the biggest area where you get to shine with podcast!

Podcasts are an intimate medium. People want depth, honesty and authenticity.

There is something about audio that strips away all pretenses and puts everyone on an even playing field. Language and storytelling have connected us as humans for centuries and continue to do so for millions of podcast listeners each day. Pod fans want to hear personal stories, asides, and antidotes from you to build real connections and community with you. The more you’re willing and able to open up and tell detailed stories about the things that matter to you the easier it will be for listeners to nod along and say “OMG me too!”

Spoiler: That “OMG me too” feeling is crucial if your goal is to convert clients!


3. One Too Many

One of the reasons I started my own podcast, Green Is the New Black was because it felt so much easier to talk about things that were important to me to a lot of people instead of small groups or one on one.

The power of podcasts is getting to say something one time and it reaches thousands, instead of having to go person to person or networking event to a networking event to share your work.

As introverts, it’s easy to feel drained by person-to-person conversations so podcasts will give you a much bigger bang for your buck!

Many popular podcasts feature interviews between the host and a guest which is another area where introverts will shine. Being a great listener is a survival skill we develop early on to avoid small talk. We also use our words sparingly and focus on impact instead of just dominating the conversation.

If you’re an introvert and you’re thinking of starting a podcast there’s a lot to learn and I’d suggest digging into some free online tutorials like this one or this one.

An even easier place to start dipping your introverted toe into the podcasting waters would be to start promoting your work on existing podcasts that are perfect for your niche.

Getting interviewed on podcasts is free, fun, and great practice in front of the mic.

I’ll be posting even more tips on how and where to land the perfect podcast interview opportunities in my next article, but for now, you can use this link and take a short survey to find out if you and your business are ready for the big time!

Introverts! I’d love to hear from you in the comments, what are some other unique ways you’ve used your quiet power to benefit your business?





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