3 Simple Steps to Rock Your Video Marketing in Mommy Gear by @slideberry

3 Simple Steps to Rock Your Video Marketing in Mommy Gear

by Ling Wong

Video is gaining more prominence in many marketing channels. E.g. you get more reach on Facebook with a video post; or you can take advantage of YouTube traffic with a video; and you can post the YouTube link to Pinterest to get more exposure.

The challenge for many women entrepreneurs is that we often have to be flexible with our work schedule to accommodate hiccups on the domestic front.

On days that we work from home with little (or not too little) ones in tow, we may not have the luxury of having hours to pretty up and then set up all the lighting and camera for a “talking head” type video.

How can you take advantage of the reach of videos using naptime, or the precious hour between soccer pick-up, without getting out of your mommy-gear (who wears anything that needs dry cleaning anymore?) and spending hours getting your hair in place?


Get Your Video DONE in 3 Simple Steps

1. Re-appropriate Current Content

You can appropriate content you’ve already written in your blog or newsletters, turn it into a script (which you don’t have to memorize! I’ll show you why) and you now have content for a video!

If you tend to write longer posts, break up your articles into digestible chunks to cater for the “internet attention span.”

2. Create a Slide

Create a slide that you’d do a voiceover to deliver your content. You don’t have to show your face! A picture of you on the slide is recommended to make a connection with your audience.

You can create a PowerPoint template, and simply update the title for each new video. Takes 2 minutes, literally.

3. Record a Voiceover with the Script

Now use the script you created in step 1, and record a voiceover with the slide you made in step 2 – voila! You have a video!

Here is an example.


Low-Cost Tools For Recording Your Video

You don’t have to break the bank to get your videos recorded either. You may already have the software, and there’re a few no- or low-cost ways to get it done:

Screen-capture software such as Camtasia or Screenflow

Simply select the slide on your screen as the custom region to be recorded, hit record and start talking! Then export the video as an .mp4 file and you are good to go.

Record with Google Hangout On Air

If you don’t have a screen recording software you can do a screen recording using Google Hangout On Air (make sure you’ve good connection otherwise it can get choppy) – you can then download the .mp4 from your YouTube account later on. (This free training will show you the ins-and-outs of recording with Google Hangout On Air, and more.)

Record a Good Ol’ mp3

You can record an .mp3 (audio file) using software such as Audacity, which is free, then convert the file into .mp4 video file with the slide image using free or low-cost tools available online (just google “convert mp3 to mp4”)


Make Your Video Work Hard for You

After you’ve created the .mp4 file, you’re ready to use it for your content marketing.

First, **upload the video to your YouTube channel.** Not only will you get YouTube traffic, but you can also use the link or embed code to share your video on G+, Pinterest and content platforms such as LinkedIn Pulse and Medium.

Then, create a blog post on your website and embed the video to the post. Add some content under the video. E.g. you can include keywords to boost SEO, and/or add a “resource” section that links back to your other posts, a freebie, or product. See an example here.

Now go back to the YouTube video, and add the link of the blog post to the description section. E.g. For additional resources, visit [URL of blog post]

Of course, we are not going to forget Facebook!

Videos uploaded directly onto Facebook gets much higher reach (at the time of writing) so instead of pasting the YouTube link, you want to upload the .mp4 directly onto your Facebook fan page. Of course, don’t forget to share it out!

Now it’s your turn – line up content for 3 – 4 videos, and block out time each week (or every two weeks if you prefer to do it in big batches) on your calendar for video creation.


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