When To Support Small Businesses & The Window Of Opportunity by @AngieRavenel

by Angie Ravenel

 When To Support Small Businesses & The Window Of Opportunity

Enough is enough! I’m done! I am going to move on! Heard those terms before? I think we all have heard the sound of defeat. This is normally associated with friends, jobs and relationships. However, I am referring to businesses.

Most times, a serious and dedicated entrepreneur who is getting started in business or adding on a new service to their existing business will do what is necessary to make a great and lasting first impression. Their goal is to please their new anticipated customers.

When getting ready for a new venture you must get prepared right? Preparation may consist of research & development, new cards, making or renting new space, buying inventory, advertisement, marketing, licensing; just to name a few. The cost of this new venture undoubtedly can be very expensive.

So, you (the entrepreneur) have everything in place. Your list is filled with check marks of completion. You’ve flood your timelines. You’ve launched and you are now in business. Excitement exudes you and your “Window of Opportunity” is wide open for anyone who wants to come in and receive your best. You are in business and you’re ready to give premium services.

Throughout a period of time you get just a few folks here and there to take you up on your premium offer. Even though you are appreciative of those that came in, you continue to promote for hopes of more. In the mean time, you lose your enthusiasm of what you knew was a great service or product for your now non existing flow of customers.

Time has passed again, the entrepreneur gets a knock at their window, but this time, no one answers. That once wide open window of business is now closed for good.

I am saying all this to say: “The Window of Opportunity” can only stay open for a period of time without a flow of customers. Sometimes, as customers we need to act on the opportunity when it is available. Not to mention it is a great way to support small owned businesses. Customers, know that business owners or service providers can not stay open if you wait to support them a year or two after opening day.

Closing Remarks: It is not easy to open up a business or to provide a service as a small entrepreneur. It takes a lot of know how, confidence, guts and can be very expensive. If interested as a customer, go in and support that business provider knowing that “The Window of Opportunity” may not stay open forever but with your help it can.


Angie RavenelHello, I’m Angie Ravenel, a Charleston, SC native and also a salon owner. I have been in the beauty and hair industry for over twenty years. I am also a photographer, makeup artist, educator and author. I am also the founder of ARAVENEL Products. My product Quick Clean Hair Mist cleans hair and neutralizes odors while on the go when you don’t have time to shampoo. This innovative mist is now available on Walmart.com. I enjoy crafting and blogging.

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  1. Angie Ravenel

    Yes. I definitely agree. Too often small businesses aren’t given a chance to thrive. Thanks for reading!

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