5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Materials

5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Materials

by Monika Beck | Featured Contributor

If done right, your marketing materials will help you differentiate your business.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the ways marketing materials can help:

  • Create a more established image about your business.
  • Attract more clients.
  • Build a stronger brand.
  • Increase credibility.
  • Make you more memorable.

It is no surprise that you want to create the best-designed marketing materials for your business.

Take the following steps to design the best brochures, flyers, or printed marketing materials for your business.


Design your marketing materials for your target audience. Do not write the copy until you have determined the target audience for your marketing material.

Your target audience should influence everything from color schemes to writing style to design.

Before starting ask questions:

  • Who is going to receive the marketing material?
  • What questions might the recipients have?
  • What information do they want to have?

Extra tip: Include customer testimonials. Your prospects trust your customers. Show people how much your customers like what you are doing for them.


Design a strong cover page. The cover is what creates interest. You have to design a cover that grabs attention.

If you have a cover that is poorly designed, your brochure will end up in the trash.

Have a strong tagline and an effective image.


It is important to have a flow throughout your marketing materials. If the color scheme of your website is blue, gray, and white, you shouldn’t have an orange brochure. It would create confusion.


List the benefits why someone would buy your product or use your service. List the benefits of hiring your firm. How will your services benefit the customer?

Carefully create a call to action.

The right call to action will include:

  • Include an action verb such as start, request, download, shop, order, etc.
  • Provoke emotion and enthusiasm.
  • Give a reason to take action. Are you going to help someone make more money or save money? What is the benefit?
  • Create urgency. The call to action must show what someone would lose by not taking action.
  • The best call to action includes a number. Instead of “save money” show how much money one can save “Save 50%.”


You cannot create great marketing materials without great images. If at all possible avoid using stock photos. Stock photos are OK, but not as effective as the images you create specifically for your own business.

Great images improve your print marketing materials the following ways:

Colored images increase people’s’ willingness to read your marketing material by 80%.
People can remember images longer than text. A great image will have a longer lasting impact than copy.


Savvy web designer with a twist – Monika Beck with Webene – San Diego, CA.

Monika-Beck-AuthorMonika Beck is passionate about website design, web programming, ecommerce, and building businesses. She is a serial entrepreneur and the cofounder of Success Harbor a website dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed. Success Harbor interviews successful entrepreneurs and publishes topics relevant to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Monika started Success Harbor with her cofounder in order to ease the life of entrepreneurs through original research, tips and unique content. Monika is also cofounder of Webene, a website design and online marketing firm based in San Diego, CA. Webene specializes in mobile-friendly responsive websites built on the WordPress platform. Monika loves playing classical music on the piano.

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3 Replies to “5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Materials”

  1. Randy Milanovic

    “Who is going to receive the marketing?” is bang on Monika. So many people think that what they like, others must like. Not the case. Do your homework and make sure the visitor thinks it’s for them. Great reminder.

  2. Nick Burrett

    Great advice, as a photographer I am lucky I don’t have to use stock images as I can create me own. However, I always struggle on creating a good looking business card and have gone through so many different versions over the years and I’m still not satisfied. Any advise?

    1. Monika Beck[ Post Author ]

      Have you tried a different shape for your business cards? That is one way to stand out. Check out this article about exceptional business cards: http://www.successharbor.com/exceptional-business-card-04152016/

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