3 Unique Ways to Make Money with Your Email List


by Dana Nicole

Many people begin growing an email list because it’s something that everyone says you should be doing. But what exactly are you supposed to do with an email list? How can you monetize from one?

If you have an email list, no matter what the size is, you should be thinking of ways to monetize it!

Those subscribers signed up because they loved your message and wanted to hear from you. The easiest way to try and make money with your email list is to send out promotions, however, there are other strategies you can use as well.


Turn Your Thank You Page into a Sales Page

There are tons of various opt-ins that will help grow your list, but what happens after those subscribers opt in? Are they sent to a generic “thank you” page? Are they directed back to your homepage?

When someone gives up their email address to download free content for you, consider directing them to a customized thank you page that contains a product or service they might be interested.

For example, if you had a free SEO checklist as your opt-in, you could feature an SEO ebook you wrote on the sales page.

In this example, your new email list subscriber has expressed interest in SEO, so why not show them a product you know they are already interested in?


Segment Your List and Develop a Product or Service

Segmented emails get 60% more clicks. These higher conversion rates should tell you something: segmenting your list is powerful.

What’s even more powerful?

Segmenting your list will allow you to see what specific groups of your email list are after.

You can segment your list based upon:

• Demographics
• Interests
• Behaviours

Once you are able to divide your email list up into different segments, start to develop a product or a service that you can offer to each segment.


Offer Coaching to Your Subscribers

If you are knowledgeable in a particular area, consider advertising coaching sessions to members of your email list.

As your subscribers have already developed trust with you, they will be more willing to hire you for coaching services as opposed to someone who has never heard about your brand before!

If you are stuck on what you could possibly offer in terms of coaching, reach out to existing members of your list and see what areas they are struggling with and how you can help!




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