3 Ways To Be More Productive When Working From Home

3 Ways To Be More Productive When Working From Home


by Denise Damijo

When you first began to work from home, you may have found it to be a challenge to put in place systems, structures, and methods that rendered the results of having a more productive day. Partly because while working for someone else, they always give you most of the things if not everything that you would need to succeed at the job that you were given.

When you are working from home you are like a ship that is sailing by itself with virtually no crew, unless you have these three things in place.


1. Have A Working Compass

You need to have a firm understanding of where you are trying to go each day. In order to do that you have to really start with a short-term plan (usually 1-5 years) that you have for your business and lifestyle. If you don’t know where you are going, you will be sailing your ship in circles. Once you have a plan you can create mini milestones for you to conquer by the year, quarter, month, week, and day. The milestones that you set should be achievable actionable steps that you can implement that will take you directly to your set goals.


2. Get Focused On Being Accountable

Working from home is definitely an amazing experience to have when done correctly. It can bring you joy, big bucks, and definitely a little more freedom but without being accountable, all of the wonderful things that it could have brought you will go to the bottom of the ocean like a ship’s anchor. Use techniques that are going to keep you focused on the tasks at hand like helpful time management and management tools, getting rid of the distractions that cause you not to be focused, and if it helps listen to music that will inspire you and help you to get the tasks done that you are trying to complete.


3. Find Time To Focus on You

Taking care of everything and everyone else can be draining and make you feel unaccomplished. Making sure that you are focusing on yourself for a blocked period of time each day can definitely help you create a more productive environment. You are the captain of the ship and if you go down so does the ship. Creating that time for yourself creates space for you to regroup, reboot, and refresh each day. This time is very important and necessary so it needs to be penned in and nonnegotiable.

Building an empire from the convenience of your own home has its challenges but with the right strategy, tools, and nonnegotiable tactics you will be able to sail your ship to any destination that you choose.




damijo deniseHello, I am an entrepreneur, published author, and Huffington Post Contributor, have a family of 7 and I play the juggling game all the time. I know that in order to have a successful business, I had to get really clear on how to make things work. Once I did that, the universe was the limit.

You can find me taking care of business where ever there is wifi, launching huge summits like the Business 2 Lifestyle Movement, enjoying the pleasure of writing, and spending quality time with my husband and 5 children (3 under the age of 2).



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2 Replies to “3 Ways To Be More Productive When Working From Home”

  1. Sara Williams

    Awesome information shared and look forward to reading more of your pieces. Being a home educating parent and running a homeschool co-op, many of the parents I work with are either attempting to run or actually run their own home business. This is meaningful for us!

    1. Denise Damijo

      Great Sara, I’m so glad that this article was helpful to you! I want to thank you and tip my hat off to you for being a home educator as well as successfully running a homeschool co-op. I am always delighted in helping and working with momapreneur’s elevate their businesses as well as their life and families through transformational content and challenges like the FREE Rise Up And Win challenge that getting ready to start. I look forward to serving you with more meaningful pieces.

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