4 Essential Elements of High-Converting Sales Pages by @TheWriterCarol

4 Essential Elements of High-Converting Sales Pages

by Carol Brennan

Writing sales copy can feel like an uphill struggle. You’re stuck on the same sentence for hours. You’ve tried searching the internet for models of sales pages to copy, but it just left you feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily writing sales copy doesn’t have to be so frustrating. You just have to remember to include a few key elements.

1. The Problem

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when writing a sales page is to go right into selling. You need to convince your ideal clients that they need you first by speaking about the problem.

Why do they need your product? If you talk about the problem not only will it convince your ideal client that you know what you are talking about, you’ll also convince them that you are on their side.

2. The Proof

Your ideal client will naturally want to know that your solution works. Use testimonials or client success stories to back up any claims you’ve made about how your product works.

You can also use your experience to put your clients at ease and let them know they are in safe hands. For example, a weight loss coach could say that she used to weigh 300 pounds before she started the program she is now selling.

Include any relevant qualifications to let your ideal clients know they can expect quality work. Awards and media mentions also add credibility and show outside validation of your work.

3. Handle Objections

Think of the potential objections your ideal client may have about buying from you. What makes them think “I’d like to buy this but …” Then make sure you answer them in your copy.

Common objections are price, the effectiveness of the product and the buying process. For example, a business coach could answer a potential client’s objection on price by pointing how much more income they will earn after coaching which might by many times the initial investment.

4. A Strong Call-to-action

A call-to-action is the instruction you give your ideal client of what you want her to do after she’s finished reading your sales page. Begin by giving your ideal client a reason to buy your product. Let her know why she should buy now. For example, is there only a certain number available? Will the price increase?

Make sure you detail precisely what your ideal client has to do to take up your offer. So if they have to email you, make sure you list your email address.

Finally, let them know what will happen when they do buy to reduce their uncertainty. For example, once you place your order, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to arrange our first call.

Writing a strong sales page can mean the difference between a product that sells and one that’s a complete flop. Including these four elements will help your sales copy stand out and increase your conversion rate.


carol brennanCarol Brennan is a copywriter. She helps coaches craft persuasive copy which connects their unique talents with the needs of their target market so they can easily attract a steady stream of ideal clients.

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