3 Women Whose Breast Implants were Killing Them are using Humor to Help Others

by Wendy Bunnell

Could your boobs be killing you…then Shake Them Off!

It’s a question most women with breast implants should be asking themselves. Over 1000 women get breast implants each day. Many women get sick after getting implants but have no clue that the implants could be what’s actually making them ill.

Wendy Bunnell, Leslie Smoot and Brandy Vega host a podcast and YouTube page called, “Killer Boobies” unraveling breast implant illness. All three women have explanted or had their implants removed. In an effort to reach women they are doing a parody of Taylor Swifts, Shake it Off.

In the U.S about 1000 women per day get breast implants and most of them aren’t aware of the possible dangers. For years Wendy and Leslie went from doctor to doctor with multiple health concerns and literally laid in bed wondering why their body was shutting down. Once the implants were removed they both got their lives back.

Brandy got her implants while working as a TV personality 10 years ago and until just a few months ago had no idea why she was suffering from so many symptoms. She had her implants removed March 13th and feels much better.

The brave trio would love the opportunity to share their stories in an effort to help women make educated decisions when considering implants and to also help other women who may be suffering without knowing what the root cause is.

A Utah plastic surgeon who’s been doing breast augmentations for over 30 years did 7 explants just last week and has said 95% of the patients he removes the implants from show significant improvement.

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Brandy Vega at 801-637-5416 or brandylvega@gmail.com
Leslie Smoot 801-550-1881 or lesliesmoot@gmail.com
Wendy Bunnell 801-822-4557 or wendy@wendybunnell.com


The Killer Boobies Series was created by Wendy Bunnell, Leslie Smoot and Brandy Vega to help women with breast implants understand potential risks associated with breast implant illness or BII so they can make educated decisions when getting silicone implants or saline implants.

The Killer Boobies team have all gone through breast implant illness and have had their breast implants removed. It’s called an explant.

Around 1000 women a day in the United States get breast implants often called boob jobs and most are unaware of breast implant illness or bii.

It is a women’s choice to get breast implants- and there is no shame in keeping them or choosing to get them, however women need to know the risks.

Killer Boobies mission is to spread public awareness of the dangers associated with breast implant.

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