How to get your game face on even when things get tough

by Nadia Finer

How to get your game face on even when things get toughHow to get your game face on even when things get tough!

Positivity is so important for business. Meh, you might think. I know that, tell me something new. But before you pass over that statement have a think about how it has applied to your business in the past..

Perhaps there has been a time when you have interviewed for a position or project at your startup. Out of the 6 people you spoke to, who was the person that got the job? I’ll bet it wasn’t the person staring at you listlessly into Skype saying that they; “just needed to make some money”.

It was the person that smiled warmly, had a genuine interest in you and your business and a certain lightness about them. The person who was open and asked questions and wasn’t desperately trying to work out if they were going to get the job or not.

The power and importance of positivity is now a quality that is highly recognised. This entrepreneur prioritised it and went from multiple failed startups to starting a successful app business. And the CEO of Alumnify says it is without doubt his biggest asset.

It’s easy to remain positive when things are going well. But what about when things get really tough?

Like when you break your ankle and then your cat dies on the same day kind of tough? When you are broken, heartbroken, you have a child to look after and a list of clients to phone. Because this happened to me and I didn’t have a choice but to carry on.

This might seem like an extreme situation to some, but for the solo entrepreneur tough days can be really tough. Because we are solely responsible for the success or failure of our business, there is no margin for error.

Without a partner there is no-one else we can lean on. Our clients expect us to make those all important calls, and write the emails and record the podcasts.

And what would be even worse than missing our engagements? Doing them with a sour face!

Because that’s the thing about positivity, it can’t be faked. Remember the last wedding you were at, the 6th smile never comes out like the first. A smile radiates through our whole body and so does positivity. You need to embody it.

Here are two ways you can remain positive even when things get tough.

1. Get moving

When you are feeling like everything is crumbling around you and your mind starts to spiral out of control the best thing to do is to GET MOVING! Disrupt yourself and your thought pattern and get that butt out the chair!

Whether it’s putting your trainers on and going for a run, doing a spot of yoga, or even just getting some fresh air and going for a nice walk. Moving is a great way to get yourself out of a slump.

2. Reach out

Whether it’s to a friend, another entrepreneur or your business coach, reaching out for support is really important. You don’t have to go over board, but a 5 minute conversation can completely change the direction of your day.

For some reason we tell ourselves that reaching out some how makes us weak, as if we can’t handle it all on our own. But so what! We are social animals and it’s so much more fun to share. It’s important to recognise, just because we are a solo entrepreneur it doesn’t mean we have to do EVERYTHING solo.


Nadia FinerNadia Finer is a business coach specializing in strategy and support for female entrepreneurs. She helps women like you to step into their own unique awesomeness and GO BIG! For more tips about staying positive, check out Nadia Finer’s Podcast “Little Voice Big Business” and in particular the episode How to perk up your profits with the power of positivity

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