4 Questions to Ask to Start Thinking about Your Thinking

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

by Suzanne Duncan

I used to carry on with my life on autopilot. I get up, go to work, come home, look after my children, go to bed and then repeat it all over again, day after day. My routine is such a bore that I started thinking, “There must be more to life than this monotony!”

After attending to a personal development event of Tony Robbins, I realized that I was the one who chose to live an ordinary life. I became aware that my mindset was limiting me to what I can potentially achieve. It was the catalyst for change that got me starting to look into the thoughts behind my behavior.

Our thoughts or what we tell ourselves are important in determining the life we lead and the life we’d like to live in.

Here are a few questions you start to think about your thinking!

• Are you in control of your thoughts or do your thoughts control you? Are you living at a “cause” or are you living at an “effect”? These are just some questions you need to understand in order to become the driver of your life and destiny, and not merely the passenger.

If we are the driver, then we are in control and we can determine which way we want to go. If we are the passenger, then where we end up is seemingly outside of our control and we are merely observing life passing by.

• Why do we think the way we do? How do our thoughts impact our feelings or emotions and how do these emotions, then, affect our subsequent behavior?

Do you observe and acknowledge your thinking? Are you aware of thinking in a particular way about an event, the people around you, your work environment, or your home life?

• How’s your thinking (which may be conscious or unconscious) making you feel? What emotion does it bring up? Joy, elation, anger, or sadness?

Emotions are part of what makes us human and let’s rejoice in that. They are a direct result of our thinking and the meaning we have given to a situation or event. Everyone experiences events differently.

I’m an identical twin. My sister and I had the same upbringing, the same experiences, and yet we have assigned completely different meanings to the events in our childhood and we live very different lives now.

• The last question to ask yourself is – how’s your behavior governed by your emotions? What has happened in your life or is currently happening now as a result of your behavior?

Looking deeply into my own thought patterns, emotions, and behavior has me no longer living on autopilot and start to journey towards living an extraordinary life


Suzanne Duncan, operates a coaching consultancy, called Discovery Within and she is the author of the recently published book, All by Myself, & Rocking It!: How to Be Successful at Single Parenting. Her inspiration to help others, especially single parents, comes from her own very personal awareness of the challenges facing all parents today. For more information visit: http://discoverywithin.com.au/

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