4 Steps to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Email List

4 Steps to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Email List by @michaelaanmarie

4 Steps to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Email List
Photo credit to Du Truong via Flickr Creative Commons

by Michaela Ann-Marie

If you’re focused on building your email list, you’ve likely tried a whole range of tactics already. Guest posting and Facebook ads are two that generally top the list, but one tactic you might not have tried yet is Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are interactive member led discussion groups centred on specific topics, and they’re a goldmine of eager and interested potential leads for you (if you know how to reach them).

Strategically using Facebook Groups has seriously propelled my list building efforts forward. Best of all this tactic is free, easy to implement and actually helps you build your network at the same time.

So, how do you use Facebook Groups to grow your email list?

Follow my five steps below to get started.


1. Find out what Facebook Groups your target audience is hanging out in

If you’re a health coach, your target audience might be in groups related to clean eating and fitness. If you run a parenting website your target audience are probably hanging out in groups about babies and kids. You can easily search Facebook for groups related to your niche using the search bar in the top navigation menu of Facebook. Simply enter your search terms, click enter then select ‘More’ → ‘Groups’ to filter the results to show Groups only. From here you can browse the Facebook Groups in your topic area and join the ones that best fit your niche.

2. Become part of the community.

Once you’ve joined a Facebook Group, become part of the community by introducing yourself and joining in on discussions where you can add value. Being part of the community is important as Facebook Groups are centred on discussion and sharing, not just promoting yourself. By becoming a great group member, members will come to know, like and trust you, which is essential to your next step.

3. Share your opt in offers.

Now comes the part where you build your list. You’re in a group full of people who would love what you have to offer, now it’s time to share what you’ve got. Most groups have specific rules around promotion to limit spamming. You’ll generally find these rules in a pinned post or in the About section of the group. Before you share your opt in offer, become familiar with the group rules. Many groups have specific days for sharing opt in offers e.g. Share Wednesdays. For every group you’ve joined, note these rules down in an Excel document so you know when to share.

4. Give value wherever you can.

Aside from showing up to share your opt in offers, check into the group regularly to scan discussion threads and see if you can answer any questions or offer your opinion. Doing this will help others see you as an expert, build your presence within the group and might even give you the opportunity to direct someone to your website or offer when asked.

If you follow these four steps, you’ll find your email list growing weekly with members from Facebook Groups. It’s an easy and free strategy to implement, and a powerful tactic to add to your list building toolkit.

Photo credit to Du Truong via Flickr Creative Commons


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