5 Tips to Pitch Your Story To Media!

5 Tips to Pitch Your Story To Media!

by Parul Agrawal

Getting media coverage for your new book, a new venture or your business is a great way to gain credibility and get in front of your potential clients. Generally speaking if you want national or even global coverage, it usually best to start with local media. Most people believe that they need to have a huge list of contacts, a big following on social media, a Publicist, a PR agent and contacts with journalists to get their business noticed. However, a little bit of energy and research can help you go a long way and land a television interview to promote your business.

Enlisted below are some ideas that will help you refine your ability to pitch stories to get media coverage.

1. Research:

It’s important to study the channel you are pitching to, its audience and the kind of stories it airs. This gives a better understanding of their needs and helps you craft your story in the language the channel speaks.

2. Follow:

Identify the reporters, new anchors, producers who cover the type of topics or industry that you are representing. Follow them on social media, spend time reading their stories and materials. The whole intention is not to stalk them but to learn more about them and your clients (television series audience in this case).

3. Personalize Your Message:

Your chances of securing the interview are best if you pitch your story directly to the producers instead of the automated form email. So start searching for the producer’s names and email addresses on the respective news channel website. It’s possible that the news channels have the names and contact information of their anchors or journalists but not their producers. Google can be your friend in this case. Try searching for producer’s name and contact information which could lead you to the Linkedin profile or Twitter account of some of the producers. You could try contacting them through the social media but the most professional way is to contact them via email or a letter. Even if you have no idea about their email address, you could try different permutation and combinations based on email addresses of their other team members already listed on the website.

For example:

First name. Last name@websiteaddress.com,
First name Last name@websiteaddress.com,
First name initial Full last name@websiteaddress.com,
Full First name Last name initial@websiteaddress.com are some of the most popular combinations. Try using one of these and your pitch might land in the right inbox.

4. Craft Your Story:

This, I believe the most important aspect of pitching. Producers are always looking for new story ideas. They are interested in something that’s relevant to the current time period and would be of interest to their audience. Make sure that any story you pitch has a purpose, a message that will add value to the channel and its audience. Avoid submitting stories that are solely self-promotional at all costs.

5. Be Brief and Patient:

Producers get tons of emails and pitches every day. Keeping your paragraphs short and simple will make it easier for the editors to read your email and eventually say a “yes”. Keep your subject lines catchy and crafty as well. Tailor the subject to the channel, its producers and its audience rather than yourself. Finally, be patient and wait for at least two weeks before sending a follow up email. Avoid excessive emailing or calling the producers. Be consistent and if you don’t hear back in couple of weeks then refine your pitch and move on.

Local news media can be a powerful way to engage your customer base and get your business known. Pitching to the media is never easy but with proper planning and background research you can get your story in front of your potential clients.


Parul Agrawal is an Author, Publisher and a Spotlight Coach. Parul started small and created her brand ORGANICALLY, one step and one email at a time and without any BIG advertising BUDGET. Her mission is to empower solopreneurs to gain the confidence to build their business, publish bestselling books, shine in their industry and create an impact in the World without breaking their bank.

She helps Authors and entrepreneurs learn the exact step by step strategies she uses to publish bestselling books on Amazon, be guest blogger for major publications like The Huffington Post, land media interviews without spending a penny, create a platform and build a thriving business. Say hello to her at www.vivalacoah.com.






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