5 Tips To Decorate Your Apartment After Moving In

Giving Your Home The Same Uniqueness You Have

There is no single individual just like another. Sure, twins share the same DNA,  but they’re totally separate people—if you don’t believe that, meet a couple and hang out with them. They’re similar, but they are different. And, like twins, apartments may seem similar, but those who live in them will give said apartments their own unique character.

Part of that character will have to do with décor. In this writing we’ll briefly cover five tips as regards apartment décor to hel you conform the space to your tastes with aplomb and grace.

These tips may not define your precise preferences, but at minimum, they should help stimulate your imagination toward the sort of decorative moves that resonate with you.



1. Painting: Will Your Lease Allow It?

Some apartments won’t allow you to repaint the interior, some will. Some require that you sort of “prove” yourself to your landlord. They may let you paint the insides, but only after you’ve lived there for a while. Regardless, a few new coats of paint on the interior can totally revitalize an apartment and make it feel unique from others in the same building.

If you’re not quite sure what to do, consider contrasting colors in your primary living and sleeping areas. Maybe the “loud” colors are in the living room, and the “quiet” colors are in the bedroom.


2. Minimalism Or Maximalism?

Strong arguments exist for minimalist and maximalist decorative arrangements. Which sort of decoration defines you ultimately boils down to your preferences. Minimalists like the bare minimum, maximalists want to pack every nook and cranny of a home with some sort of décor.

You’ll have an easier time decorating if you’re a minimalist, you may feel more satiated with endless décor should you be a maximalist. The size of your space may tie your hands. A massive apartment seems empty if you’re a minimalist. A tiny apartment seems smaller if you’re a maximalist. To some degree, space will dictate preferences here.


3. The Bedroom – Finding The Best Decor

Your bedroom is where you’re going to spend 25% to 50% of your time while you live in your apartment, and you want to make sure it’s decorated well. Bedroom décor needs to take comfort ant artistic relevancy in mind. To that end, a modern move providing style and comfort simultaneously is a bed with a  memory foam mattress.


4. Pictures, Portraits, Posters, Paintings, And Scultures

Family pictures or personal portraits make empty walls seem full. Movie or band posters have a similar effect, as do paintings of artistic concepts which personally resonate with you. Sculptures may have the same effect, and can be fine as end pieces around furniture.






5. Lighting And Foliage: Little Changes With Big Impact

A black light can make everything in an apartment take on a new color. You can install black lightbulbs in the primary lighting fixtures of your apartment, or in lamps. You might install a fluorescent black light somewhere that plugs in, hides in a corner, and is activated with a switch when you’re ready to “party”.

Something else that can give an apartment plenty of character is foliage. Installing a vine that stretches around the interstices of a room can do a lot for your home. Maybe you put a ficus plant somewhere, or a succulent in a pot on the counter in the kitchen. You could install a planter that hangs out one of your windows.

Plants look nice, clean the air in an apartment, and don’t cost a lot to maintain; just don’t forget to water them when they’re thirsty! (Also, don’t over-water them; they’ll start to rot at the bottom and that tends to include a rather nasty smell.)


Making A Leased Room A Truly Restful Home

Lighting, foliage, pictures, portraits, posters, paintings, sculptures, bedroom décor, minimalism, maximalism, and redoing the walls with paint colors that resonate with you—these things all represent fine decorative strategies for your new apartment. Consider the space, consider your budget, and consider your lease.

When you know what resources you have available, their costs, and your legal rights regarding the apartment, you can totally transform the area to fit precisely what stimulates you as regards your preferences. If you’re going to live there, you want the space to reflect who you are. So put some real effort into decoration; you’ll be glad you did.



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