5 Travel Hacks by @KellyWonderlin

5 Travel Hacks

by Kelly Wonderlin

I love traveling, but with a tiny baby I haven’t gotten a chance to go on many trips this last year. Now that Avery is a little older I am going to start traveling more and using my travel hacks. Here are 5 of my top travel hacks!

I hope you enjoy them!

1. Book at the last minute: Airlines slash prices just days before take off because they want to get rid of empty seats.

2. Take a photo of where your car is parked: Enough said. 🙂

3. Pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase: This will keep your clothes smelling clean.

4. Pack some big plastic bags: If your clothes get really messy you can put them in the plastic bags and not ruin the rest of your clothes.

5. Roll your clothes: It takes up less space in your suitcase.

Xx, Kelly


Kelly WonderlinKelly Wonderlin expanded her entrepreneurial reach coining the term, “It’s A Wonderful Wonderlin Life” and sharing it with the world on her YouTube channel and blog. Kelly works in the marketing/advertising/social media space and often partners with brands ranging from small to large as a video correspondent, spokesperson and or brand rep. Her excellent video content is short and to the point so viewers don’t lose interest. Above all, Kelly Wonderlin balances her professional life with her family and personal life.

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