5 Types Of Social Media Content Driving The Most Engagement

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5 Types Of Social Media Content Driving The Most Engagement

How do you measure the success of a social media marketing campaign? One of your main metrics will be engagement; are people seeing your content and interacting with it? Engagement refers to anything a user does to your content, this can be a like, comment, share, bookmark, quotation, etc. 

Experts believe that social media engagement is important as it draws more attention to your brand. People don’t just scroll past your content; they stop and interact with it. Engagement helps you build a connection with users, which can translate into better lead conversions in the future. Also, content with high engagement is likely to be shared around more or fit social media algorithms and be pushed to the front of the pile. This leads to more eyes on your brand, which you can use to direct more traffic to your site or to create more sales via social media. 

In short, engagement is very good! If your social media profiles look bone dry and have limited engagement, it’s usually because your content sucks. We’ll help you bounce back by showing some of the best types of social media content for the most engagement! 


Brands see lots of engagement through infographics because they tick two big boxes. They provide users with useful information or data, yet they do so in a way that’s easy to digest without needing to read a lot. 

Plus, infographics can be very colorful, so this attracts people’s attention. The key is displaying information that users want to see. If you’re a marketing firm, create infographics relating to the best digital marketing techniques based on data you’ve collected or sourced elsewhere. For fashion stores, think about infographics showing the latest trends in your industry. 

Another great idea is to use infographics to talk about big topics. Going back to the fashion business example, you could display data talking about fast fashion and its impact on the environment. Use this for shock value with key figures and shocking stats people gasp at when they see. Infographics are easily shareable and people will want to spread the word. Thus, engagement takes off. 

Infographics are not just limited to retail or digital marketing sectors; they’re equally powerful for professional services. For instance, content marketing for law firms can be revolutionized by utilizing infographics to break down complex legal processes or showcase success stories visually engagingly. This approach simplifies intricate information and significantly boosts client engagement and understanding. 

Short-Form Videos

Virtually every social media platform has short-form videos these days. They’re highly popular as people have tiny attention spans and love watching videos. Users aren’t likely to watch a five-minute video on your Instagram, but they will happily flick through your Story and give it a like. 

The key to successful short-form video content lies in creating entertainment that sticks, making it both memorable and replay-worthy. Whether it’s a hilarious skit or a captivating tutorial, capturing attention is crucial. Utilizing an online video editor can elevate your content, allowing for seamless edits and eye-catching effects. Staying attuned to social media trends and meme templates can further amplify your reach, increasing the likelihood of virality. By capitalizing on timely topics and leveraging the power of online video editing tools, you can maximize engagement, drive more web traffic, and boost brand visibility.

Wrap-Up Content

“Wrap-up” content refers to a trend sparked by Spotify a few years ago. At the end of each year, Spotify would present users with a view of their listening preferences. It was called Spotify Wrapped and showed people’s favorite artists, most listened-to songs, top genres, etc. People went crazy for this and were sharing their Wrapped all over social media. As a result, other brands took this idea and made their own versions, giving customers a cool way to view things over the past year. 

Your business should create wrap-up content similar to this. Think about it, you’ve got so much customer and business data on your hands, so you may as well make use of it in a fun way. Post on social media encouraging people to click the link and get a summary of their year with you. You can easily take data and turn it into cool tables or charts with a document generation tool, allowing your customers to see things in an easily digestible format. 

From here, expect to see lots of people commenting on your post and then sharing their wrapped content with others. It encourages more customers to do the same, so your engagement skyrockets! 

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You can’t go wrong with social media giveaways! 

Research shows that Instagram accounts hosting giveaways grow 70% faster than those without giveaways. Of all social media content, this will see the most engagement. Why? Because you’re actively encouraging people to interact with your posts. In return, they have a chance of winning a nice prize. 

That’s the crucial element here: all giveaways need a worthwhile prize. Something that makes users go through the effort of interacting with your post. Similarly, you should set clear rules for entering the giveaway. All giveaways should follow these rules: 

  • Users must like the initial post
  • Users must follow your account
  • Users must comment and tag a friend

This does a wonderful job of drawing attention to your post while helping you grow a larger following. When people follow your social channels, they are more likely to visit your website or engage with future content. One study shows that an average of over 34% of new customers are found through giveaways alone – this demonstrates the true power of this content!


Before we tie this article up, we’d like to mention one final type of social media content: questions. 

Initially, this sounds like a strange form of content. What exactly does it mean? We’re talking about any content that asks questions to your audience. Polls on X or Instagram are wonderful examples of this. You ask a question, encouraging users to click a response in the poll. It’s a simple way of boosting engagement and making more people interact with your brand. 

Open-ended questions are also highly effective – if not more so. Here, you ask a question without providing answers via a poll. The idea is to get people to respond with their answers. It helps build a more emotional connection with your brand as users feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with you. 

Another way to use this style of social media content is through caption contests. It’s not technically a giveaway, but you can post an image and get users to caption it. Make it a funny image to drive more interest in the post and you’ll soon have plenty of people commenting their captions. Also, this may encourage people to share the post on their stories or social profiles, so they can caption it and show their friends. There are many ways to use questions to open your brand up to others and drive lots of interactions. 

Have you used these types of social media content before? Social media marketing is about much more than just churning out random posts again and again. You need to make content people are interested in – posts that users will want to interact with. The five examples in this article will give you the basis of a social media marketing strategy. Interestingly, you can make so many different types of content within each form! Everything must be tailored to suit your brand image too, so you attract the right audience. 

Be sure to take advantage of any increases in engagement as well. When you see the likes, shares, and follows come in, capitalize on it! Post about new products, link to your website under the popular posts, and so on. Remember, engagement is the first step in a successful social media strategy. It should naturally lead to additional business benefits, but you’ve got to ensure you’re making the most out of it. 

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