6 Things You Need To Give Up to Be Productive


by Natasha Zolotareva

It is often the case with many people that to stay productive, they are ready to sacrifice their health, quality and devalue their talents! All this leads to long sessions of brooding procrastination!

Let’s curb that obstacle by using the 6 easy tips mentioned below. Here’s a secret: if you follow them then you are bound to get ahead in life and be far more productive!


  1. No more sacrificing your health

There are plenty of people who prefer to sacrifice their health in one way or another for various reasons; be it making money, giving up their heart and mind for a position at work, preferring to stay up working instead of sleeping, skipping a visit to a doctor for the sake of saving their time and money.

It’s sad because first people make and sacrifice their health and time to meet their goals, then they spend large sums of money to recuperate their health. To bag success, people who commit to a balanced and healthy lifestyle are the most productive at work or game. Get better by going for a run, investing in a nutritious diet, and never overworking yourself!

Simply put, give up on obsessing over a goal to the point of upending your health, and focus more on sustaining a venture by adopting a healthier routine.


  1. Give up the “DIY mode” and opt for quality biz tools instead

In simple words, use technology and other professional-quality tools like applications, sources, projects, etc. in your favor instead of surrendering to doing it yourself. Although DIY projects, tools, or sources are fun and can give you a sense of being sufficient, they can also be draining, time-consuming, and of questionable quality. Choose the best to save you time and boost your quality! In essence, rather than wasting your time and energy, invest in high-quality business tools.


  1. Give up freeloader attitude

A freeloader is someone who doesn’t contribute or work fairly. If you are unable to lead yourself to a certain destination, prevent yourself from being lazy or doing any work, then you can’t captain yourself, let alone help others. Stop taking advantage of colleagues, friends, and family and even your job, rather contribute to the team!

Nobody likes a freeloader. If you want to be productive, you have got to respect your well-being and pick yourself up to commit to goals or projects. Ditch this vile and self-destructive attitude to become fair and productive.


  1. Give up people-pleasing

Agreeableness is nice and a good enough personality trait but sometimes, a “No” or setting boundaries can lead to a far better route for you. Say you have to work or get some boxes ticked off your to-do list, but your friend wants to go out for drinks or a game. While you know that you will be wasting your time, you say “yes” to please your friend. That’s wrong!

Set boundaries, address the situation, and move on. Plus, being an adult comes with tons of responsibilities. To stay productive, it is important to look out for yourself and quit being a people-pleaser.


  1. Give up multitasking

Juggling a bunch of things isn’t going to keep you ahead of your schedule. It’s like trying to hit a certain word count without focusing on the content. That’s a no-no!

Productivity is determined not by the number of tasks completed, but by how satisfied you were with the results. Concentrate on one task, give it your best, and then move on to the next one. Trying to multitask can be draining. Save your health, brainpower, and quality by taking on one challenge at a time.


  1. Give up comparing yourself to others on social media.

Let’s be real here: social media is just a front, an illusion painted by people for others to perceive them in a certain way. Hence, you are just going to compare yourself to a misconception. Scratch that!

Every person is built differently, functions differently, and grows up differently! You are unique. Be inspired but avoid any comparisons. If you compare your growth to another person, you will devalue your efforts and quality. Grow and work at your own pace and see how much better you will become.



Natasha Zolotareva: I’m a digital marketer, artist, journalist, and salsa enthusiast. For me all these career paths of mine boil down to one core interest: I love to meet people, discover stories that are worth sharing and help those people to be heard. I’ve helped many authors and entrepreneurs to score that Amazon bestseller title. Currently, I’m focused on building a PR agency for wellness thought leaders while dragging a slightly overweight suitcase around the globe.






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