6 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Social Media Networks


6 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Social Media Networks



Have you been looking for ways to increase your brand’s presence on social media platforms? Good.

You’ve already written the content and established your online platform. Now it’s time to dust off those old blog posts and repurpose them so that others will read, react, and repost!

Consider this your DIY Guide for Social Media Marketing—Blogger Edition. By executing these strategies and utilizing these tools, in no time you will see a little work go a long way.

In this article, I will provide you with five simple ways to revive old content to publish on your social media networks.


1. Turn Quotes from Your Blog Posts into Branded Images

You can use key action items or your very own soon-to-be-famous quotes from your blog posts. Canva and PicMonkey are two free resources that you can use to design your images in a flash!

Here’s an example of a branded blog post quote image that Lisa Irby from 2CreateaWebsite created based on an article that she wrote discussing whether or not blogging is dead that was pinned via Pinterest.




2. Take Key Points from your Blog Posts and Use Them for a Live Stream Series

Periscope and Facebook Live are excellent resources that you can use to do this. In fact, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income used this strategy to promote a blog post that covered some of his reader success stories and to get more upfront and personal with his audience.

Pat’s Live Periscope stream garnered some excellent comments from his audience who felt a more up close and personal connection to him during the live stream.


Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income


3. Convert Your Blog Posts to a Vlog

Video blog posts or Vlogs can be a great way to turn a blog post into a video and then upload it to YouTube or your favorite social media platform.

Diana Urban from Ustandout.com does an excellent job of this. Diana repurposed her blog post that covers 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Blogging and created a Vlog about it:


Top 6 Reasons to Video Blog
Diana Urban’s Vlog Post Example


4. Make a SlideShare Presentation

For the Powerpoint presenter turned social media guru in all of us there is SlideShare. SlideShare is a web-based slide hosting service available on LinkedIn.

By presenting your blog’s content in slideshow format, you are able to skip over the soup and salad and immediately serve the key points for your audience to enjoy.

One of my favorite bloggers and a well-known thought-leader in the content marketing space Mark Schaefer of Businesses Grow repurposed one of his blog posts 10 Reasons Why Twitter is Content Marketing’s Best Friend into an awesome slideshare presentation.

To date, Mark’s slideshare presentation has received more than 55,000 views!



5. Create a Photo Video Story

Photo video stories using a tool like Flipagram is an excellent want to repurpose content from your blog.

Flipagram lets you easily share your work on social networks that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here is an example of a Flipagram created by Shannon Henderson of ImShannon.com, a fellow entrepreneur that I discovered from Twitter where she repurposed a blog post written for 17hats.com on The 8 Questions to Ask to Close the Sale.


Flipagram The Eight Questions to Ask to Close the Sale
Flipagram created by ImShannon.com on The 8 Questions to Ask to Close the Sale posted on Twitter


Now that I’ve shown you how to repurpose your old blog posts, here are some tips for effectively promoting your work:

  1. Optimize your content with hashtags (2-3) for networks like Instagram and Twitter.
  1. Repeatedly promote your content across social networks. Don’t limit your promotion to one post with no follow-up. Post often but don’t go overboard.
  1. Create a cohesive design and feel for your graphics. Let your brand speak for itself with your visual content. Whether using your brand’s logo or color scheme, familiarity is key to your audience. Stand out for all the right reasons.
  1. Brand ALL of your visual content designs with your blog/site URL. You’ve put in the work creating and re-purposing the content, now tell them where to go for more information. The goal is for them to follow you to find out more about your brand.



Creating original content for your brand takes work. The next time you’re ready to post resourceful information throughout your social media platforms, consider re-purposing your old blog posts using some of these tips.

Re-purposing your work will make you a more versatile marketer and will help you get the most value out of your content.

I’d love to know how are you repurposing your blog content for social media networks. Please share your comments below. Cheers!




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