8 Simply Question to Manifest your Perfect Month. The Power of the Intention.


It’s December 2022! OMG!

Ok, let’s take a deep slow breath in and out. Let’s not panic. You still have 31 days to achieve what you have put on your New Year’s Resolution list.

Let’s focus on here and now. Yes, I know sounds oversaturated but do you live your life being present? For real? Do you? Or maybe you are constantly in your past or thinking about the future?

You know what, you still have that amazing 1 full month of 2022 let’s do something great with it.

I want you to imagine right now it’s 31st December 2022. Almost midnight and you are wearing a gorgeous dress, a glass of champagne in your hand. Imagine that moment.


Feel it.


And ask yourself?

Are you feeling full-filled and happy? Have you done all that you have planned? Have you lived as your best and most authentic version of yourself? Or you were just playing someone else? Have you lived this year intentionally or again on autopilot?

Look, nothing lost yet.

Start to create your life by putting the right intention behind all your actions.

I am starting every month in this way, I sit down and write all down. I create. I put intention how I would love to the month unfold for me.

So, it’s December. It’s a new month, a new beginning.

Maybe, it’s time to finally do something differently to receive different results.

Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results”


Here are 8 simple questions I journal on the beginning of the month to set the intention and manifest the life from my wildest dreams:


Write down in your journal, notebook, or on your computer:


  1. At this moment I am so grateful for… (list it all).
  2. This month I will feel…
  3. If I was given a magic wand and told that anything and everything was possible for
    me, these would be my top 5 heart desires that I would manifest into my life this
  4. I need to let go of in order to receive my desires…
  5. For me to align with my top 5 heart’s desires, the following is what I need to believe
    to be true about me and my abilities, the world around me, and what I deserve to
  6. Those are ways that I can easily and quickly raise my vibration to align with my future
  7. Those are inspired actions I am committed to taking daily to show myself and the Universe that I am ready to level up…
  8. My affirmations for this month are…


And once you write it all down I want you to go inward and say:

I am committed to holding the faith that I receive what I ask for even if it seems like it isn’t happening now.

I am committed to energetically letting go of my desires and detaching myself from any outcome.

I trust in the Universe and its dive time I surrender my intentions and affirm that THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER is on its way to me at this moment.


And just let it go. Allow yourself to receive all the abundance from the Universe.




Natalia Maslowska is a Subconscious Expert, Self-love Coach Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. She helps Creative Womepreneur Spirits to be, feel, think and act like the most confident woman in the room and create life from their wildest dreams without spending years in therapy.

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