Author: Jacinta Grand

I founded Social Circle to help passionate entrepreneurs launch their businesses from their kitchen tables and garages (often while working a full-time job). I’m obsessed with helping my clients develop a brand image, better understand their target market, build a powerful website, and grow their audience through proven digital marketing tactics like content marketing, list-building, and social media. My goal is to inspire, educate, and empower other entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. I’ve spent over a decade working with some iconic brands that can spend some major moolah but after awhile it just kinda zapped the passion out of me (the long hours were also no saving grace). So, I decided to build my dream job helping other entrepreneurs make their dreams come true!

6 Practical Tips to Book More Clients @JacintaGrand

by Jacinta Grand | Featured Contributor  When you first start building a business as a consultant or service profession, getting your first clients can seem like a daunting task. New business owners often feel pressure to get out there and sell their service which can often induce feelings of nausea. The good news, you don’t […]

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