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6 Practical Tips to Book More Clients @JacintaGrand

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by Jacinta Grand | Featured Contributor 

When you first start building a business as a consultant or service profession, getting your first clients can seem like a daunting task. New business owners often feel pressure to get out there and sell their service which can often induce feelings of nausea. The good news, you don’t have to sell to get new clients! Here are  six easy and practical tips to book more clients: 


Tip #1: Build Relationships


Whether you’re trying to book more clients online or in the real world, building relationships is key. Establishing long-term relationships is like setting a strong foundation — it is one of the best ways to consistently increase revenue. A strong relationship not only can help you book clients but provide better customer satisfaction and increase your ability to book new clients via referrals. 


One way you can start building a solid relationship with your clients is building your email list. It allows you to stay in touch with your current and potential clients. Emailing regularly is like chatting with them every week. It helps them to know, like, and trust you, which will lead to more clients. 


Tip #2: Ask for Referrals


Your previous clients are often the best source of new clients. That is because word of mouth can go a long way in helping you book more clients.  One way to capitalize on this is to implement a referral program. It can be as simple as providing rewards for loyal customers who refer their friends. Your referral program can be as unique as your business. You could provide an individualized referral link for clients to share or a discount code given to family and friends of your team. 


Regardless of your approach, asking for referrals is a great way to get new clients. Remember that if someone loved working with you, they will be quick to spread the word.  Plus a referral program is a win-win for everyone, your clients get rewarded for being loyal and you have an easy way to get new clients.  



Tip #3: Follow-up


Another way to book more clients is to follow-up with potential clients to see if they are ready to purchase, because sometimes it is all about timing. Maybe you have emails from people who inquired about your services or products, but never emailed you back. Follow up with them via email and see if they have any questions or need advice on anything in particular. Opening a dialog will put you on their radar again and when it is the right time, they’ll book with you. 


Another great way to follow up with potential clients is to provide them with helpful information or a new e-book you just wrote. By giving something to them first, it will make them more ready to buy from you when you ask. 


Tip #4: Let Them Know Your Availability


Yes, that’s right. Let people know you are booking more clients and that you have some availability. This might sound simple, but it is imperative. Let people know you are available! So many business owners don’t book new clients simply because people don’t know they have availability.


It can be as easy as emailing your list or posting on social media to let people know you are currently booking new clients. Also be sure to let them know how to book your services. For example, you can list your booking site so potential clients can book your services 24/7.


Tip #5: Include Testimonials

Using social proof get help you get new clients. Try asking current and past clients for feedback and publish their testimonials on your website. You can easily do this by reaching out to people and asking for feedback via a feedback form or personally asking top clients for their video testimonials. 


I also recommend showcasing your previous client work alongside their testimonials. Sometimes testimonials aren’t enough and potential clients want to see your work. Oblige them and show they what to expect when working with you. Don’t have any work or testimonials to showcase yet? Consider taking on a few pro bono projects or showcase sample work. 


Tip #6: Make It Easy

My final tip on how to get clients is to make it easy. Make it easy for clients to book your services. Your website and social media channels should work together as lead magnets for your business. They should help funnel potential clients into your email list and booking system. The goal is to make this purchase a “no brainer” for them. The easier it is, the more likely they are to purchase from you.


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