Author: Lori McNeil

International Educator, Speaker, Author, and Business Coach, Lori helps entrepreneurs and organizations focus on foundational tools needed for sustained success. As a Curriculum Designer and Business Professor, Lori has helped grow hundreds of organizations organically to build a true, long-lasting purpose. Lori has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, & various regional markets. She has authored / co-authored several books and works globally to support literacy, cancer research, young entrepreneurship, and military programs. Helping raise over three million dollars for literacy, Lori was awarded the Lifetime Presidential Service Award for her work. For more info visit

4 Ways To Love What You Do by @coachlorimcneil

by Lori McNeil  For the next few days, I challenge you to pay attention to the words you use. Track how many times you begin a sentence with the words “I love…” because words matter. We are aware of what other people say, especially when the tone is either harsh or helpful (verses just stating […]

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Gratitude Reframed by @coachlorimcneil

  by Lori McNeil  The moment November hits, social media becomes abuzz with gratitude…. “30 days of gratitude” or “tell 10 people a day something that you are grateful for them.” They have become the norm. This trend continues through Thanksgiving and into the new year. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. In […]

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11 Insights That Align Your Goals To Your Passions by @coachlorimcneil

by Lori McNeil  Let’s face it. There are thousands of ways that we can achieve our goals. Each of us have a passion to arrive, become, or create. The most beautiful thing in the world of business is when we align our goals to our passions because only then will we achieve something, become someone, […]

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Becoming Fearless by @coachlorimcneil

by Lori McNeil  Everyone has experienced some degree of fear in their life. Life would not be life if there were nothing to overcome or get through. Life would in fact be boring if we merely existed and nothing challenged us or pushed us to get out of our comfort zone. It is through the […]

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