Author: Pam Georgiana

I am a writer. Writing is my creative outlet and my joy. I believe that words bind us together as humans and that the best stories remind us of our humanity. I specialize in telling brand stories that engage and inspire. My favorite projects are when I get to help build a brand. Strategic branding is so important for any business. Discovering an organization’s “Why” is so satisfying. My “Why” is making the world a better place. It’s why I worked for a nonprofit for 7 years before becoming a freelancer and volunteer as a member of the Columbus Museum of Art. My chihuahua Grandon may think differently. He thinks my “Why” is taking care of him. He’s not totally wrong. He definitely runs the household. When I am not writing, you’ll find the two of us walking in the park or just around our neighborhood.

Turning My Side Gig into a Business

  It was not the plan. I’ve been a marketing and communications professional for 100 years (not literally, but almost), and I’d worked my way up to a Vice President position at an organization whose mission I loved. My content writing side gig was just a way to earn some extra money and to stay […]

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